Alora Frederick

SJSU Marketing Student Alora Frederick Is an Entrepreneur at Heart

Alora FrederickWhile other 5 year olds were learning how to draw, Alora Frederick analyzed the effectiveness of commercials and began writing scripts for her own commercials. “Television commercials fascinated me,” Alora enthusiastically stated. “They are the reason I am so passionate about marketing and advertising.”

Alora graduated high school as a sophomore and began taking advertising classes at DeAnza College. She worked multiple part-time jobs to finance her thirst for education. Friends and family have long seen Alora’s creative marketing talents and urged her to start her own business. In 2013, Alora started her own marketing firm, Forward Inception Marketing, with three clients and grossed just under $30K her first year. Five years later, Alora’s marketing firm has grown to over twenty steady clients.

Alora will gradate from #SJSU this semester and she looks back on her time here fondly.

“San Jose State has some of the best professors who have industry experience,” Alora explains. “Dr. Marilyn Easter in particular has enabled me to express myself at this university. We even published an article together which led to an invitation to present at Stanford University’s #ATXpo in 2016 and 2017.”Alora Frederick

Alora’s life motto is to follow your passion and everything that follows will naturally fall into place. After she completes her marketing degree and advertising minor at #SJSU, she plans to pursue her PhD in marketing.

“I want to study consumer behavior and the ethical implications of data collection,” Alora says with a smile.

Her quest for knowledge will never end. In fact, Alora obtained her real estate license this past winter because she had “some free time.”

To see Alora in action, attend a GoAL meeting. GoAL is a program she co-founded with Professor Easter, and it strives to help students develop their leadership skills, while achieving excellence in academia and career readiness. Visit the G.O.A.L website to learn more.