Briseyda Dominguez-Martinez

Briseyda Dominguez-Martinez Creates Teriyaki Sauce and Is on a Path to Start Her Own Business

Briseyda Dominguez-MartinezFirst year Business Management student Briseyda Dominguez-Martinez’s love for culinary arts began at an early age. She is the eldest of five siblings and often cooked for them while her mom was working. As a high school student, Briseyda ran her own restaurant called Bamboo Panda through her Culinary Pathways course at Dinuba High School near Fresno, CA.

“I assumed the role of head chef and created the lunch menu for Bamboo Panda,” Briseyda explained. “I even created a special teriyaki sauce that was bottled at my high school.”

One of Briseyda’s near term goals is to assume the leadership role of Resident Advisor for SJSU’s Campus Village B residence hall. A future goal is to start a family business. Briseyda is the first in her family to attend college and wants to give back to her family because she has been given opportunities her parents did not receive.

“I want to send special thanks out to my mom and siblings for giving me the opportunity to attend college and gain so many wonderful experiences,” Briseyda said with a beaming smile. “My teacher Ms. Sandy Herbert and my family helped me to get to where I am today. I’m truly thankful and blessed.”

Briseyda plans to become more heavily involved with on campus clubs and organizations during her second academic year at #SJSU. For now, she will continue to serve as an Educational Opportunities Program LINK Member and remain actively involved in the Marketing Association (@sjsumarketing) and @destinosjsu.

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