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Top SJSU Accounting Student and ISACA Officer Miguel Horta Overcomes Struggles during Youth

Miguel HortaAccounting Information System major Miguel Horta grew up in a single parent household and lacked any drive to succeed in school.

“I just did what I had to to get by. My high school GPA was pretty low, so I went to DeAnza because I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life,” Miguel explains. “I was never good at math, but the difficulty made it more interesting to me. One day, I decided to invest the time and figure out a really hard pre-algebra problem. 

SJSU Marketing Student Alora Frederick Is an Entrepreneur at Heart

Alora FrederickWhile other 5 year olds were learning how to draw, Alora Frederick analyzed the effectiveness of commercials and began writing scripts for her own commercials. “Television commercials fascinated me,” Alora enthusiastically stated. “They are the reason I am so passionate about marketing and advertising.”

Alora graduated high school as a sophomore and began taking advertising classes at DeAnza College. She worked multiple part-time jobs to finance her thirst for education. Friends and family have long seen Alora’s creative marketing talents and urged her to start her own business. In 2013, Alora started her own marketing firm.

Briseyda Dominguez-Martinez Creates Teriyaki Sauce and Is on a Path to Start Her Own Business

Briseyda Dominguez-MartinezFirst year Business Management student Briseyda Dominguez-Martinez’s love for culinary arts began at an early age. She is the eldest of five siblings and often cooked for them while her mom was working. As a high school student, Briseyda ran her own restaurant called Bamboo Panda through her Culinary Pathways course at Dinuba High School near Fresno, CA.

“I assumed the role of head chef and created the lunch menu for Bamboo Panda,” Briseyda explained. “I even created a special teriyaki sauce that was bottled at my high school.” 

Ready for Future Career Pivot after Completing MBA from SJSU

Airleah Sivila

San Jose native Airleah Sivila moved to Davis for college but returned to join the staff at SJSU after graduation. She is currently an Admissions Evaluator for Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach.