Student Info

TGIP Students

Like most internships, the Thompson Global Internship is an opportunity to work in the industry you are studying for, enhancing both your educational and practical work experience. Unlike most internships, the TGIP internship is both a class and work experience and the work experience takes place outside the United States.

Participants are selected based on qualifications for the specific projects as well as overall academic performance. As with any job application, write a cover letter and customize your resume to highlight the skills and experience that make you the best choice for a particular project.

What will you do?

  • Complete a special project for Crown Worldwide Group, founded by SJSU alum Jim Thompson

  • Travel to one of Crown's 52 worldwide locations for approximately 8 weeks in the summer (June-July).

  • Participate in several preparation sessions during the semester preceding travel. Sessions include learning about the country, Crown Worldwide and the specific project you will be undertaking.

What will you get?

  • Incomparable work experience in an overseas location of a global business

  • Paid travel and living expenses, plus salary

  • Experience new cultures: customs, language, history, food and more

What's the application process?

  • Make sure your travel documents are valid. See Passport and Travel Documentation for more information.

  • Verify your eligibility. Click Application Requirements for qualifications, application instructions and an application form.

  • Submit your complete application package by the application deadline. If you are not a Sbona Honors student, make sure your reference submits their letter on time.

*** We strongly recommend that you make sure you have a valid passport and if appropriate, US visa (so you can re-enter the country), as soon as you decide to apply for the program. If you don't have the proper travel documents, we can't even book a plane ticket for you! ***

Then what?

  • We will notify you if you are selected for interview (or not).

  • Following interviews, we notify the students who are selected to participate. If you are, you:

  • Follow faculty instructions for classes as well as logistics (plane tickets, etc.)

  • Do pre-departure preparation work on the project

  • Travel to your assigned Crown location and do the work of the internship 

  • You complete and submit your final written report.