MBA Program Learning Goals

Goal One: Business Concepts

Develop a strategic level understanding of the key functions of business including marketing, accounting, finance, and organizational behavior.

Goal Two: Analysis and Decision Making

Understand decision making methods including decision trees, expected value, risk and uncertainty, and the value of information.

Goal Three: Cultural and Ethical Awareness

3a. Understand the major issues facing multinational corporations in the management of their international operations—particularly those of an intercultural nature.

3b. Explain the ethical, legal, and social consequences that ensue when ethics and the law are disregarded in favor of other objectives.

Goal Four: Leadership and Teams Skills

Comprehend the factors that contribute to effective leadership of teams and understanding of the skills and behaviors necessary to be an effective team member.

Goal Five: Global Change and Dynamics

5a. Demonstrate an ability to understand and adapt to global market changes

5b. Demonstrate an ability to integrate knowledge and develop innovative solutions to remain competitive given industry dynamics (strategic integration).

Goal Six: Communication Skills

6a. Demonstrate an ability to plan, prepare, organize, and present effective oral presentations.

6b. Demonstrate the principles and processes of effective written communications.