Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Principles flow from our Vision, Mission and Values statement and reflect the reality that we provide the largest percentage of business professionals to our innovative Silicon Valley business environment. These Strategic Principles are the foundation for our strategic planning process.


Student Success. We instill within our graduates our Core Values (Excellence, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement) along with knowledge and skills to succeed in the ever-changing global economy. We seek to facilitate and recognize student success and life-long learning.

Faculty Achievement. Excellent teaching underpins all of our activities. In addition, we engage in research that furthers the knowledge base of the Silicon Valley region and beyond, and service that contributes to the vibrancy of our university and external communities.

Academic Reputation. We strive to continuously improve our undergraduate and graduate programs and highlight the college’s influence on Silicon Valley and global communities, while maintaining our prestigious AACSB accreditation and advancing our college’s national and global reputation.

High Impact Practices. We promote the use of innovative pedagogy, technology, and co-curricular activities to educate our diverse student body. Innovation is fostered through experimentation and continuous improvement.

Globally-focused Education. We prepare globally-aware leaders of the future, by providing them an understanding of cross-cultural and institutional differences and opportunities to engage with other cultures. We promote partnerships with non-US universities to enhance global education and outreach for both students and faculty.

Culture of Engagement. We strive to create a culture that encourages life-long learning, community engagement, social responsibility, ethical behavior, and pride in the institution.

Alumni. We actively engage with our alumni and nurture them as ambassadors and advocates of the college, advisors on educational relevance and impact, and as mentors to the new generations of students.

Partnerships. We build and maintain mutually supportive relationships with students, colleagues, companies, non-profit organizations, and community-based groups that hire our graduates, and provide internship and learning experiences, and financial support for our students.

Financial Resources. While State funding provides an important financial base, we are committed to expanding our alternative revenue sources to support our Mission and advance the financial sustainability of the University.

Goals and Strategic Priorities

Goals and Strategic Priorities