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Please read this page before contacting an advisor.

All Communication Studies majors and minors should meet with an advisor every semester to review their program of study. Although your program of study is subject to the approval of both your advisor and the department chair, students are responsible for developing a coherent program.  Your Communication Studies advisor will help you:

  • plan a program of study that fits with your educational and career goals
  • identify courses consistent with your interests
  • address problems you might encounter in your classes
  • stay on track for graduation

Track and Plan your Progress

We have several tools to help you plan and track your progress to take control of your major.  You can plan your pathway by using MyPlanner when you log into your MySJSU account. Please note that MyPlanner does not consider that some courses can be substituted or double-counted, so make sure you also visit an advisor. You should also be checking  MyProgress report frequently to make sure you are meeting all university and major requirements. 

If you want to have still more control over your planning, you can also download and fill out the COMM Academic Planner. You can then map out your path to graduation—then bring your Planner (in electronic form) to advising meetings. 

Make sure you are also familiar with the major and especially with the options for the COMM 198 applied activity.  

GE Advising

Please remember you have GE, SJSU Studies, and other university requirements besides the major requirements.  Make sure you check that you are meeting all requirements by going to MyProgress on your MySJSU account.  For general advising questions about topics such as Core GE requirements, the reinstatement process, and other issues not directly related to the major or minor, go to the College of Social Sciences Student Success Center, ACCESS. Online help is also available at the SJSU Advising Hub.     

Ready to apply for Graduation?

Please go over MyProgress Report to check if you can graduate within the next two semesters.  Make sure you address anything on MyProgress that is followed by a red square.  After checking MyProgress report, please visit an advisor who will help you apply for graduation online.  Here is additional information on how to apply for graduation.  

Applying for a Minor in Communication Studies?

Please download and complete (fill out in acrobat or other program, not in a browser) the Minor Form.  Download it and save it with the following name: "ID#_Last Name_Minor."  For example: 010000000_Smith_Minor.  Send an electronic copy of this form to the communication studies advisor before meeting with the advisor. 

Communication Studies Advisors for Spring 2020

Below is a list of Communication Studies Advisors for the Spring 2020 semester. Please note that the hours listed below are advising hours, which should be time spent towards advising questions, paperwork, course planning, and other Comm-related advising questions.

If you are looking for office hours that pertain to your courses and/or course grade with a professor, please check out the Faculty/Staff Directory for Office Hours.

❗️ NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 health advisory and current SJSU policies, all advising hours will be held ONLINE via Zoom until further notice. Please consult the hours below, and/or contact your advisor to schedule an online appointment.

Need help with Zoom? Check out this resource page with tutorials, videos, and how-to guides.
 Picture  Advisor Name

Contact Info & Advising Hours

Kristen Cole

Online via Zoom

Advising hours: Mon 2 PM - 4 PM;
Wed 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Appointments receive priority.

Tabitha Hart

HGH 216 Online via Zoom

Advising hours: Mon 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM;
Email to schedule online appointment

Jennifer Morrison


Online Via Zoom

Advising hours: Tues, Thurs
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Appointments receive priority.

Priya Raman

HGH 205 & Online

Advising hours:
In HGH 205: Wed 11 AM - 1 PM; Email to schedule online appointment.
Online: Thurs 7:30 AM - 9 AM

Matthew Spangler


HGH 206 Online via Zoom

Advising Hours: Wed 3 PM - 5 PM

Mary Anne Sunseri

HGH 208 Online via Zoom

Advising Hours: Tues, Thurs 1 PM - 3 PM

Appointments receive priority.

Anne Marie Todd

HGH 106 Online via Zoom

Advises special cases such as probation, disqualification and returning students.
Please email to make an appointment.

Beth Von Till

HGH 208 Online via Zoom

Advising Hours:
Tues 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM;
Wed 9 AM - 10:30 AM;
Thurs 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM; Email to schedule online appointment.

Job Opportunities

The SJSU Career Center has created a web-hub that includes information about career tracks; job, internship, and volunteer opportunities; job search tips; and campus resources.


You can also visit our advising FAQs page if you have additional questions.