Established in 1963, the Department of Communication Studies at San José State University has more than 650 students in the major, 70 students minoring in communication, 36 students in the graduate program, 10 graduate teaching associates, 15 tenured and tenure-track faculty, and 40 lecturers.

1963 - The Speech Department is inaugurated when Speech and Drama split into three departments.

1966 - Faculty vote to change the department’s name to Speech-Communication

1981 - Department renamed Communication Studies

1982 - The Speech and Drama building becomes Hugh Gillis Hall in honor of the former chair of the Department

1987 - COMM Lab opens in HGH 231

1990 - Department hosts the National Forensic League finals

1993 - Perspectives, the department newsletter, is launched

1994 - SJSU COMM hosts the Western States Communication Association convention

1994 - First COMM graduation ceremony honors 50 graduates

1995 - COMM launches its first website

1998 - COMM hosts students from the Center for Frontier Science at Chiba University in Japan to study at SJSU

1998 - The COMM Lab gets internet access

2001 - The department has just over 200 majors

2005 - More than 60 students enroll in the MA program

2006 - COMM faculty and students ride the Freedom Train in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday

2006 - SJSU Forensics students compete in Prague, Czech Republic

2007 - COMM Lap moves to Clark Hall and celebrates 20th birthday

2007 - SJSU Forensics students compete in Argentina

2008 - COMM tops 400 majors

2010 - SJSU COMM hosts the first Bay Area Undergraduate Communication Research Conference

2012 - COMM Lab moves back to HGH and becomes the COMM Center

2012 - SJSU Forensics students compete in Rome

2013 - The COMM major grows to more than 650 students, the largest number in the department’s history