Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes

photo of communication students in classroom

What do you learn in communication studies? The major covers three areas, Foundations, Inquiry, and Practice, in which you'll work towards five program learning outcomes.

Foundations are . . .

theoretical and conceptual frameworks for understanding and evaluating communication.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding Communication Theories: Demonstrate an understanding of at least one major theory in the field of communication.

Inquiry is . . .

research methods that generate and evaluate new knowledge about communication.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Research Methods: Demonstrate an understanding of methods of communication research and analysis such as rhetorical, critical, interpretive, performative and social scientific approaches and their ethical implications.
  • Research Application and Critique: Develop and apply analytical skills and ethical practices for understanding, conducting, and evaluating communication research studies.

Practice is . . .

the use of communication skills and the application of theoretical frameworks and research methods in specific contexts.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Communication Competence: Demonstrate the ability to communicate competently and in a theoretically informed manner in a variety of contexts.
  • Social Responsibility: Demonstrate social responsibility, ethical awareness, and community engagement.