MA in Communication Studies

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SJSU’s MA in Communication Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering students the opportunity to engage in theoretical inquiry and original research in a number of communication subfields, including:

  • rhetoric
  • new media studies
  • organizational communication
  • performance studies
  • interpersonal
  • intercultural
  • health communication
  • critical communication pedagogy

In addition to our seminar offerings, students may avail themselves of internship and study abroad program, independent studies, and an optional MA thesis/project.

The 35-unit program can be completed with two years of full time study; students may also attend part time. The program is designed to accommodate recent graduates, working professionals, and aspiring doctoral students.

Our alumni continue on to doctoral programs, teaching at colleges and universities, and careers in a wide range of professions in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Students may also receive the experience of teaching at the college level through the Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA) program.

Students selected as GTAs will receive:

  • a 6-unit tuition/fee waiver for each class they teach (typically one per semester)
  • 4 units of credit towards their degree
  • a monetary stipend

Send your questions about the program to Dr. Oona Hatton, Graduate Program Coordinator.