Graduate Program Plan A - Thesis

Students will complete: 1) a total of 29 coursework units of study (with a minimum average grade of B), and 2) write and defend a thesis (6 units).


Core courses: Comm 200R, Comm 201,  Comm 297, Comm 297 with comprehensive exam

11 units

Electives: (approved 200-level courses)

18 units

Thesis work: (Comm 299)

6 units


35 units


Thesis Examination

Write and defend a Thesis (6 units). Note: There must be a prospectus meeting conducted before a committee of no fewer than three members approved by the departmental Graduate Committee to be chaired by the faculty member responsible for supervising the thesis. The committee may decide to involve a suitable person from outside the University. Students should submit their prospectus at least 10 working days in advance of the date of the meeting. The prospectus meeting provides final guidance to the student prior to conducting, completing and defending the thesis.


Students must have taken and passed their final oral defense to participate in university commencement exercises. The graduate committee discourages the practice of students participating in departmental commencement activities prior to passing their oral defense. Exceptions requested by a student's faculty advisor will be considered by the committee. 

Download, complete, and print out the Request for Plan A Thesis Committee form.

Note: Students admitted prior to Fall 2009 should contact the Graduate Coordinator prior to submitting a proposal to the Graduate Committee.