Faculty Achievements


- Rona Halualani, "Migration as 'Home': Chasing Down Diasporic Traces" in Departures in Critical Qualitative Research 8.2 (Summer 2019): 92-99.  The article addresses Hawaiian migration and Dr. Halualani's own autoethnographic journey.  Additionally, Dr. Halualani is currently finishing a book (slated for the University of Hawai'i Press) on critical autoethnography and Hawaiian diasporic politics.

- Marie Haverfield, "Patient-Provider Interpersonal Interventions that Enhance the Quadruple Aim: A Systematic Review" in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, forthcoming.  

Kristen Cole, "Changing the Face of the Opioid Epidemic: A Generic Rhetorical Analysis of Addiction Obituaries." Rhetoric of Health and Medicine 2.3 (2019): 291-230. 

- Kathleen McConnell and Melissa Urbain, “Unasked or Unheard?: Turning Up the Volume on Sprague’s Questions,” Communication Education 68.4 (2019): 460–474.

- Matthew Spangler's stage adaptation of The Kite Runner was published by Penguin Press in the USA and Bloomsbury in the UK, following the London West End production and tour.

                  Kite Runner Penguin          Kite Runner Bloomsbury


- Marie Haverfield presented at the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare in San Diego. The talk was titled: “Patient-Provider Interpersonal Interventions that Enhance the Quadruple Aim: A Systematic Review.”

- Ted M. Coopman, COMM social media team co-founder, presented his and Dr. Stephanie J. Coopman’s competitively-selected paper “Using the ‘Tech Start-Up’ Concept to Train, Engage, and Inform Students” at the Twelfth International Conference on e-Learning & Innovative Pedagogies in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (May 2019). Social media team co-founder Daniel Hinojosa pictured on the right in the background slide. The audience consisted of more than 60 educators from around the world. 

        Ted Coopman AUS

- Alexis Pulos presented his paper “I Now Pronounce You . . . Utilizing Critical Gameplay to Question the Institution of Marriage” at the 2nd Workshop on Tabletop Games at the Foundations of Digital Games Conference in San Luis Obispo, CA (August 2019).

Mary Anne Sunseri spoke on a panel titled “Online Course Development & Delivery: Oral Communications” and also led a session titled “Incorporating Oral Presentations into a Fully Online Class” at the annual Online Teaching Conference in Anaheim, CA in June. 

- Isaiah Demarco, Tiffany Martinez, and Matthew Spangler presented on the Dunnes Stores anti-apartheid strike in Ireland (1984-87) at the American Conference for Irish Studies West in Portland, Oregon in Octoebr 2019.  

- Matthew Spangler presented on his new play Striking Back with Mary Manning and Kellie Hughes at the Hinterland Literary Festival in San Francisco in November 2019. 


Matthew Spangler's stage adaptation of The Kite Runner opened in Mumbai, India and will later transfer to Delhi.  The Bombay Times gave the production a 4 star review. "Any attempt to adapt a much-loved novel on the stage is always a risky venture, because naysayers have a habit of stating 'the book was always better.' However, that's not even something one gives heed to while watching Akarsh Khurana's production. Based on Khaled Hosseini's bestseller by the same name the play draws you in from the word go."            KR Bombay      KR Bombay 2



Professor Spangler received a $155,303 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to lead a Summer Institute titled "The Immigrant Experience in California." The Institute will run from July 12 to 26, 2020. Twenty-five teachers from around the U.S. will come to San Francisco Bay Area for two weeks where, each day, they will meet with a different scholar or artist who writes about immigration in the California context.  Institute faculty include: Maxine Hong Kingston, Khaled Hosseini, Luis Valdez, Kinan Valdez, Andrew Lam, Ping Chong, Persis Karim, Jasmin Darznik, Sara Zatz, Glen Gendzel, and Judy Yung. This will be the fourth time Dr. Spangler has led the Immigration Institute.  Photos: Maxine Hong Kingston, Earll Kingston, and Luis Valdez meeting with previous institute participants. For more information and to apply: http://immigrationtheatreinstitute.org/

Luis Valdez Maxine Hong Kingston

Luis Valdez and Maxine Hong Kingston at the previous NEH Institute on Immigration to California.