Califia Performance Collective

The Califia Performance Collective is dedicated to the creation of inclusive multi-ethnic and multi-generational performances that 1) make visible and interrogate issues of social justice; 2) seek to build bridges between and within diverse communities in our home city of San Jose. We locate the transformative power of performance in a wide variety of aesthetic presentational forms, including theatre, performance art, dance, music, and electronically mediated arts. We create original performances and adaptations of existing texts with and for people of many ages, cultures, and levels of presentational experience. We are also committed to conducting performance workshops to help inspire and develop emerging performers and audiences.

The Califia Performance Collective is a student organization at San José State University. This organization was created by graduate and undergraduate students in the Departments of Communication Studies and Television, Radio, Film, and Theatre. The faculty adviser is Dr. Nikki Yeboah,