Partner with Our Creative Team

Thank you for your interest in working with us! Our team focuses on high-impact, multi-platform (print, web, mobile, video, social media) projects that advance the strategic goals of the university. (Some recent examples are Washington Square magazine, Spartans Supporting Spartans campaign, SJSU Guide app and Commencement.)

Get started

Getting creative doesn't have to be complicated. When you work with us on a strategic project, we'll help you through the following process, step by step.  

Think: Got an idea for a project? Think it through: determine your goals, audience and budget.

Plan: We will schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

Approve: Our project manager will develop a creative brief and project schedule for your approval. NOTE: This schedule includes obtaining cost estimates that your administrative coordinator will use to create a requisition through SJSU Procurement or the Tower Foundation, which may take up to two weeks. 

Create: Based on the creative direction you have approved, our writers and designers will get to work. If printing is required, our team will provide cost estimates that will be used to create a requisition.

Review: This is your opportunity to help us fine-tune your project. Our process includes two rounds of revisions. Changes to the scope of the project at this point may impact completion deadline.

Receive: After we complete our final proof and design review, we will deliver your project. If printing is required, our team will not be able to proceed without a requisition.

Critique: Our team would be happy to discuss your feedback with you.

Tools and Resources

Want to reach the thousands of people bustling along San Jose State's paseos every day? Are you ready to tell the stories of the people in your college, department or program? As well as providing a news and storytelling hub for the university, we manage tools and resources that help the SJSU community speak with one voice.