SJSU Spartan Typeface

The SJSU Spartan Typeface is the foundation of the university's visual style. Created by Associate Professor Chang Kim, the typeface is an entire family of letters with which to tell the San Jose State story. Formed from these Spartan-crafted letters, your words, messages and typographic patterns will be conveyed in the "native language" of San Jose State.

Having a proprietary typeface is an effective way to create a consistent, recognizable look to all communication materials. Few universities have unique typefaces. San Jose State now has that distinction. 

Kim, of SJSU's Department of Graphic Design, developed our hybrid typeface, drawing inspiration from the classic fonts of ancient Sparta, several mid-century old style typefaces, as well as transitional and modern typefaces. By integrating characteristics of each, he has produced a typeface that expresses both SJSU's history as the founding campus of the California State University system and our dynamic future as Silicon Valley's public university. 


Standardizing our type family usage helps to maintain a consistent look and feel across all media. SJSU Spartan, alone or with complementary fonts Absara and Helvetica Neue, should be employed for all university communications.

SJSU Spartan may be used in print and video, as well as on the web.

In print and video, SJSU Spartan may be used in headlines, subheads and body text, including formal body text on certificates, diplomas and invitations.

On the web, the typeface may be used for graphic elements such as typographic patterns and pull quotes, headlines and subheads.

For directional signage, you may use pictograms that have been created to compliment SJSU Spartan, along with the primary mark or your unit lockup. NOTE: Signage and wayfinding guidelines are in the works.

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