How to Tell Your SJSU Story

Speak with one voice

The San Jose State voice is an important element of our identity. Our voice allows us to craft our messages in a way that reflects who we are: extraordinary individuals who are parts of an extraordinary institution. 

Communicating with a consistent voice involves carefully considering the following elements across all communication platforms:

Are you communicating effectively?

As you tell the stories of the people in your college, department or program, how do you know if what you’re creating supports and enhances San Jose State’s reputation? The following questions will help you determine if you have incorporated key themes and messages across all communication platforms.

  • Does your story or message reveal an individual's “power” through individual accomplishments? Does it show how the individual is an extraordinary part of an extraordinary university community? Will the story inspire people associated with San Jose State?

  • Is your example unique to SJSU? No other academic institution should be able to make the same or similar claim, or use the same or similar example.

  • Are one or more of the key themes and key messages reflected in your content?

  • Using concrete examples or proof points, can you describe how San Jose State’s approach to teaching and learning prepares students to adapt in 21st-century careers?

  • Does your story or example highlight SJSU’s personality and strengths? Does it show how students, faculty members and alumni are hard working, resilient, creative, smart, grounded, ready, resourceful, service-oriented, entrepreneurial, proud, collaborative or adaptable?

If you can answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, congratulations! Your story effectively communicates the how and why of San Jose State’s promise: “powering Silicon Valley.”