Bioinformatics Minor

Bioinformatics is the field in which programming skills are used to understand and address questions in biology. This minor will train students in biology and other disciplines in these important programming skills and how to use them to answer important questions in biology.

For information on adding a Bioinformatics Minor, please contact Dr. Bree Grillo-Hill (Bioinformatics Minor Advisor for Biology and Chemistry Majors) or Dr. Philip Heller (Bioinformatics Minor Advisor for Computer Science Majors).

An Advising Appointment is 
NOT mandatory. You do NOT need an appointment to obtain the Bioinformatics Minor Advisor's signature. The Bioinformatics Minor requirements are outlined in the University Catalog. Once your Bioinformatics Minor paperwork has been processed, you will be e-mailed with further instructions.

Bioinformatics paperwork includes a Change of Major/Minor Request Form (include a Personal Statement if you have more than 90 units), as well as a Bioinformatics Minor Form [pdf]. Be sure to include unofficial transcripts (from SJSU and from any other schools) with these forms. Submit all paperwork toDr. Bree Grillo-Hill (Biology and Chemistry Majors) or Dr. Philip Heller (Computer Science Majors) during normal office hours.