Supporting your Student

kids silhouette

It can be difficult for parents to support their student from afar.


Stay connected-Listen but stay away from giving too much advice. College is a time for your student to learn about themselves and solve their own problems.

Ask questions- Show that you are interested in what your student is doing, how they are adjusting, or what they are learning about. Even if they do not talk in-depth about anything every time, they will know that when they do need someone to talk to you- you are there for them.

Expect change- Your student is learning about themselves

Know campus resources- Become familiar with the resources on campus so you can guide your student if necessary.

Try to avoid giving too much advice and trust your student- College is a time when your student is learning to be independent and make decisions on their own. They will make mistakes; it is a part of development and learning. Trust that they will be able to solve most of their own problems, and be ready for when they really need your help.