A Thousand Stars

Starry night sky

For thousands of years, people have looked up to the stars in wonder for direction, wishes, and connections. These stars seem small and quiet, but the web woven by thousands of them covers the whole night sky.

“A Thousand Stars” is a suicide awareness and prevention training, and a component of San José State University’s Suicide Prevention and Resilience Network. This up-to-date and multiculturally-informed training on suicide awareness provides education and skills to SJSU student volunteers (who become “Stars”) in order to help provide fellow students and community members in distress with vital resources. Stars also obtain consultation and gain effective communication skills and tools to enhance personal wellness. Participants of this program help form a safety net for students in need of support and services, and foster the development of a more informed and compassionate campus community.

Become one of the SJSU “Stars” and help students find support and warmth in the darkness.

  • Why? To do our best to reduce and prevent suicide, by helping to support and enhance a caring, compassionate campus community.
  • Who? Any San José State University student who wants to contribute to this important work is welcome.
  • How? Please contact Dr. Wei-Chien Lee for availability, date, and location by email: Wei-Chien.Lee@sjsu.edu   (Space is limited).