Psychiatric Services

To receive psychiatric services, students need a referral from a clinician at the Student Health Center or personal counselor at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).  CAPS is located on the third floor of Student Wellness Center in Room 300B.

Thirty-minute and one-hour sessions are available with a psychiatrist for students with a referral.

Students with a referral from a personal counselor at CAPS need to complete additional hard copy paperwork at CAPS before scheduling an appointment for psychiatric services with the Student Health Center.

The first session will be a one hour session to discuss your concerns, your questions, and your personal and medical history.  Time will be spent at the end of the session to discuss the psychiatrist's impressions and the medication options that would be appropriate, given the risks, benefits, and side-effects of medication. Blood tests may also be ordered.

After starting psychiatric services, please contact the Student Health Center to schedule appointments for psychiatry.

If a medication is started, the usual practice is to stay on the medication for 9 months to a year with at least monthly monitoring sessions that would be 30 minutes in length. During these monitoring sessions, time is spent on discussing your feelings and thoughts, the impact of the medication, and the side-effects. Priority will be placed on your physical and psychological health, not simply the biological impacts of the medication.

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For more information on receiving psychiatric services, please feel free to call us at (408) 924-5910.