Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Counseling and Guidance

The Master of Arts (MA) degree is a 48-unit base program (see MA Advising Worksheet) that provides for the following professional specializations:

Master of Arts Degree in Counseling and Guidance with PPS School Counseling Credential option = 60 units

(See MA + PPS School Counseling Credential Advising Worksheet)

  • Career and Education Development
  • Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Student Advocacy
  • Alternative School Counseling
  • Community Education Development
  • School and Community Relations

Adult Counseling

  • College and University Counseling and Student Personnel
  • Career Development and Vocational Counseling
  • Human Resource Development Training
  • Transitions Counseling for Adults

The MA in Counseling and Guidance will qualify a graduate of the program for the Community College Counseling requirements under SB 1725.

Master of Arts Degree in Counseling and Guidance with LPCC option = 60 units

(See LPCC Preparation Information)

Completing the Requirements for the MA in Counseling and Guidance:

Upon Admission

  • Attend a department New Student Orientation session. Click this link to view the New Student Orientation Meeting dates.
  • Register in the program’s foundational courses via your one.SJSU portal.
  • Add courses during the first week of classes if you miss your enrollment appointment.

Foundational Coursework/Requirements

  • Check the Department Advising page(or contact the Department Office) for your faculty advisor's contact information and schedule an advising appointment if necessary.
  • Complete the six prerequisite/foundational courses (EDCO 215, 218, 232, 248, 266, & 282) before taking advanced coursework.

Advanced Coursework/Requirements

  • Complete 10 (4 required and 6 elective) advanced courses (30 units).
  • Once you successfully complete 9 graded units of advanced coursework, meet with your advisor to complete the MA Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy form. Only include the 30 units of advanced coursework on your MA Candidacy form unless advised othersiwise.
  • Discuss fieldwork opportunities with your advisor.

Master's Degree Plan B Project or Plan A Thesis

  • During your second to last semester in the program, enroll in EDCO 221: Research in Counselor Education to develop a project or research proposal
  • During your last semester in the program, enroll in EDCO 298: Special Studies in Counselor Education to complete an intervention project (Plan B) orEDCO 299: Master’s Thesis to complete a thesis (Plan A)


  • Apply for Award of Master’s Degree online during the first month of the semester you plan to graduate or submit a Graduation DATE CHANGE request ($10 charge). 
  • Attend the Lurie College of Education's Commencement Ceremony in May (for Spring graduates) or in December (for Fall graduates).