How to process your CPT

International students will need a CPT form and please follow the steps below for this additional requirement.

  1. Download a copy of CPT form.
  2. Register a DocuSign account for yourself(if you don't have one yet).
  3. Login to your registered DocuSign account.
  4. Look for and select Sign or Get Signatures --> New ---> send an envelope.
  5. Upload (or drag and drop) the CPT form pdf file you downloaded in step (a) into the webpage in step (d).
  6. Look for Add Recipients to the Envelope and add the following recipients to the list in the order as shown below.
    1. Yourself
  7. Compose a brief email message near the bottom of the webpage.
  8. Select Next in the lower right corner to go to the next webpage.
  9. Your uploaded CPT form file will now appear in the webpage.
  10. If asked in a pop-up prompt on What would you like to do?, assign to yourself to continue.
  11. Key in all the requested info for all fields in the CPT form as displayed in the webpage.
  12. Make sure you check "Yes" for Is this work experience necessary for the completion of the internship class? on p.3
  13. Select Signature under Standard fields on the left-hand side menu items.
  14. Click on Student's signature on P.2 to create a signature request.
  15. Select Date signed under Standard fields on the left-hand side menu.
  16. Click on Date to the right of Student's signature on P.2 to create a date request.
  17. Click and select on top of Standard fields on the left-hand side menu.
  18. Repeat signature and date action for on p.3.
  19. Enter the following info towards the end of the last page.( Print name: Chris Tseng, Title: Professor, Department: Computer Science, Telephone: 4-7255, Email:
  20. Double check you have everything done right.
  21. Select Send in the lower right corner of the webpage to start this signature collection process.
  22. When both you and I DocuSign this CPT form, you will get a copy for you CPT process need.