SJSU Engineering Equivalencies

The following substitutions for the BSCS are only permitted for CS majors who took the courses as Computer Engineering majors.  These substitutions may be allowed for students transferring from other engineering majors; please consult the undergraduate Computer Science coordinator.

These permitted substitutions may change from semester to semester. Students may not count both a CS course and an equivalent course from another department toward the BS in CS.

CMPE 30     Programming Concepts &  Methodology  No Substitution
CMPE 46     Structured Program Design            CS 46A*
CMPE 50     Object-Oriented Concepts/Methodology CS 46A
CMPE 102    Assembly Language Programming        CS 47**
CMPE 120    Computer Org. and Architecture       CS 147
CMPE 124    Digital Design I                     elective
CMPE 125    Digital Design II                    elective
CMPE 126    Algorithms & Data Structure Design   CS 46B
CMPE 130    Advanced Algorithm Design            CS 146
CMPE 131 
  and 133   Software Engineering I & II          CS 160
CMPE 138    Data Base Systems I                  CS 157A
CMPE 140    Computer Architecture & Design       CS 147
CMPE 142    Operating Systems Design             CS 149
CMPE 143    Microcomputer Design                 elective
CMPE 146    Microprocessor Systems               elective
CMPE 148    Computer Networks I                  No Substitution
CMPE 155    Computerized Robots                  elective
CMPE 163    Computer Graphics Program Design     CS 116A
CMPE 180    Individual Studies                   No Substitution
CMPE 195A   Senior CMPE Design Project I         elective
CMPE 195B   Senior CMPE Design Project II        elective
EE   102    Probability and Statistics in EE     Math 161A
EE   104    Numerical Methods in EE              CS 143C
EE   118    Digital Design I                     elective
EE   120    Microprocessor Based System Design   elective
Engr 100W   Engineering Reports                  CS 100W
ISE  130    Engineering Probability & Stats.     Math 161A
Math 123    Diff Eq and Linear Algebra           No substitution***

No more than 6 units of CE 124, CE 125, CE 143, CE 146, and CE 155 may count toward the BSCS, and no more than 12 units of CMPE courses may count as electives. Note that there is a constraint on electives that may count toward the BSCS degree (to see the constraint for a particular academic year, find the BSCS requirements for that year and check Note 9.

* Students who complete CS 46A and CS 46B may use CMPE 46 in place of CS 49C for the BSCS.

** This substitution is permitted for all students, not just those in certain majors.

*** Unless approved February 2016 or earlier