Computer Science Study Lab

Welcome to the Computer Science Study Lab.  We at the CSSL offer the following services to Computer Science and Software Engineering majors:

  • Help with lower division and some upper division CS/SE courses.
  • Mentoring on improving CS/SE study skills
  • Experience working in CS/SE study groups
  • Improving coding and debugging skills
  • Networking with other CS and SE majors
  • Monitoring and mentoring at-risk students

Need Help?

The CSSL is located in 226 MacQuarrie Hall, and is open Monday – Thursday, 12 - 7. Students taking CS courses, especially CS46A, CS46B, and CS146, are encouraged to drop in to study, get help, join study groups, get advice, or help out.

Need online help during the quarantine? Fill out this request form.

Want to Become a Tutor?

One of the best ways to deepen your knowledge of any subject is to try to explain it to others.

At the end of each semester the CSSL coordinator will collect applications for the following semester. Look for announcements on bulletin boards and in your email.

The pay is $13/hour. Tutors work 4 – 8 hours/week.

Ideal applicants should:

  • Have taken CS146 and CS151 with a grade of A or B.
  • Be familiar with the content of CS46A and B.
  • Have experience and interest in tutoring.
  • Have strong debugging and problem solving skills.
  • Have strong Java programming skills.

The application can be found here: CSSL Tutor Application [docx].