Student Research Day

Please join the College of Science for the 16th Student Research Day! Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Date: Friday May 7, 2021

Zoom Link:

For the password, please contact Lauren Elliott ( or Marcia Block (

Session A 

Begins: 10am-11:30am

  • A-16 - Sentiment Analysis on COVID Tweets Using COVID-Twitter-BERT with Auxiliary Sentence Approach
    Alvin Lin and Teng Moh.
  • A-17 - Efficient Metadata Lookup in Inline Deduplication Systems Leveraging Block Similarity.
    Rakesh Gururaj, Melody Moh, and Teng Moh
    Collaborators- Dr. Phil Shilane and Dr. Bhimse
    Bhanjois of Dell Technologies
  • A-18 - Balancing Highly Compressed Data in Cloud Data Centers. Zi Yan Zhang, Melody Moh, and Teng Moh.Dr. Phil Shilane and Dr. Bhimsen Bhanjois of Dell Technologies Collaborators- Dr. Phil Shilane and Dr. Bhimsen Bhanjois of Dell Technologies.
  • A-19 - Dynamic Resource Management of Fog-Cloud Computing for IoT Support. Mariia Surmenok and Melody Moh.
  • A-20 - Detection of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Wastewater Microbial Metagenome. Alan Caparaz Le, Cleber Ouverney, and Wendy Lee.
  • A-21 - Two-Server Problem in ZooKeeper. Sriram Priyatham Siram, Ching-Chan Lee, and Ben Reed.
  • A-22 - Mitigating Write-ahead Log Contention on Shared Storage Devices. Lalitha Donga, Kayla Walton, Ben Reed, and Fangmin Lyu.
  • A-23 - Deeplasmid: Identifying plasmids with deep learningBill Andreopoulos (SJSU), Jan Balewski (DOE Joint Genome Institute), Natalia Ivanova (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center), Asaf Levy (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Session B 

Begins: 11:45am-1:15pm

  • B-13 - Twinomaly: A Twin Anomaly Detection System. Paaras Chand and Teng Moh.
  • B-14 - Zookeeper Performance Benchmarking. Prajwal Pyakurel, Sushant Mane, and Benjamin Reed.
  • B-15 - Wildfire Risk Prediction and Integration with Smart City. Rekha Rani and Katerina Potika.
  • B-16 - Power of BTS ARMY for Social Change Envisaged by Twitter Network Analysis. Vrinda Malhotra, Anirudh Dinesh Mallya, Inhee Park, and Katerina Potika.
  • B-17 - Conservation and Prevalence of Sequence Paired Sites (SPSs) in Humans. Punithavathi Sundaramurthy, Brandon White (Dept. of Biological Sciences), and Wendy Lee.