Yahoo! Hackathon

When met with a challenge that is conquerable within your means, students especially, seek to overcome. You ascend into a state of flow, almost like a challenge-conquer duality, an elegant dance between the two. As a current student myself, I can say that this position is not only full of adversity, but is also entirely enjoyable. There is no greater feeling than being met with a challenge that you know you can beat. This is what the Yahoo! Hackathon provides.




IC3- IT Cloud Computing Conference

Come to IC3 and DevOps Training Day to learn about the biggest change in enterprise IT from the leading technology trainers in the industry. Developer Operations (DevOps) changes enterprise IT organizations from cost centers to profit centers, able to innovate faster, deliver new services and grow their businesses. Click here to learn more from our SJSU website!





MarketplaceLIVE helps companies grow by enabling them to connect to new partners, new markets and gain access to new revenue streams. The event brings together leading cloud computing providers, service providers, capital markets firms, large enterprises, media and entertainment companies as well as industry analysts, network strategists, and C-Level technology experts in a truly dynamic atmosphere.



Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge

The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC) is an annual forum designed to promote creativity and entrepreneurship by generating and showcasing innovative business Ideas. The event welcomes students, alumni, faculty and staff from all departments and majors across San Jose State University (SJSU) and from our partner universities and colleges.The SVIC mission is to cultivate entrepreneurs and help their innovative business ideas prosper into a reality.