SJSU Policies: Academic Accommodations


If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, or if you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need to make special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible, or see me during office hours. Presidential Directive 97-03 requires that students with disabilities register with the Disability Resource Center to establish a record of their disability (924-6000).

More information concerning students with disabilities is available from the Disability Resource Center Office at 924-6000.

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) at San Jose State University has facilitated academic accommodations & retention services to students with disabilities since 1972. DRC works closely with students towards creating an accessible and cooperative learning environment at SJSU. The DRC believes the formula for success is inclusion, equal opportunity and focuses on providing equal access to students with disabilities while also maintaining academic integrity. This can only be achieved by DRC staff, students with disabilities and faculty working together as a team.

Academic accommodations include but are not limited to the following:

  • adaptive computer hardware and software for exams
  • alternative formats for curriculum related print materials (i.e.:Braille, enlarged print, CD ROM, or audio taped.)
  • assistive listening device
  • audio taping of course lectures
  • extended exam time
  • curriculum assistant (i.e.: lab, library, classroom, fieldtrips)
  • modified testing formats or alternative means of evaluation
  • readers
  • relocation of a class for accessibility
  • scribes
  • sign language interpreters for all curriculum requirements
  • student notetakers