SJSU Policies: WST


WST Scoring Chart

Use the following guidelines for assigning your scores. Remember that some aspects of the topic may be dealt with by implication.

A "6" essay demonstrates superior competence in writing on both rhetorical and syntactic levels. A "6" paper:

  • is effectively organized and developed 
  • intelligently addresses the topic, showing maturity of thought and expression 
  • uses clearly appropriate details to support a thesis or illustrate ideas 
  • shows unity and consistent facility in use of language 
  • demonstrates a high level of syntactic variety and appropriate word choice 
  • is nearly free of errors

A "5"' essay demonstrates clear competence in writing on both the rhetorical and syntactic levels, though it may have occasional minor errors. A "5" paper:

  • is generally well-organized and well-developed, though it may offer fewer details than a "6" paper 
  • may address some parts of the topic better than others 
  • shows unity, coherence, and progression 
  • demonstrates some syntactic variety and range of vocabulary 
  • displays facility in language

A "4" essay demonstrates competence in writing on both the rhetorical and syntactic levels. A "4" paper:

  • is adequately organized 
  • addresses the topic adequately, though perhaps not completely 
  • uses some details to support a thesis or illustrate ideas 
  • demonstrates adequate but not distinguished facility with language and syntax 
  • may contain some errors of the sort that are easily remedied

A "3" essay, while it may demonstrate some developing competence in writing, remains flawed on either the rhetorical or syntactic level or both. A "3" paper may reveal one or more of the following weaknesses:

  • inadequate development or organization 
  • failure to support or illustrate generalizations with appropriate or sufficient detail 
  • multiple errors in sentence structure and/or usage 
  • inappropriate choice of words or word forms

A "2" essay suggests limited competence in writing. A "2" paper may be seriously flawed by one or more of the following weaknesses:

  • failure to organize or develop 
  • little detail or irrelevant specifics 
  • serious and frequent errors in usage or sentence structure 
  • problems with fluency or focus

A "1" essay demonstrates incompetence in writing. A paper to which this score may be given may reveal the writer's inability to comprehend the question, may be incoherent or impressively illogical. A paper that is severely underdeveloped or exhibits no response should also fall into this category.

Papers that reject the assignment, off-topic papers, and no-response papers should be given to the table leader.

Criteria Based Scale for Argument

  1. These papers mention the topic and give some information about it or related issues, but they list facts and opinion randomly. They do not clearly present a position or one side of the issue and do not give reasons to support a particular viewpoint.
  2. These papers take a position and state reason(s). These reasons are merely asserted and are either not supported or are supported with abbreviated "elliptical", or perhaps irrelevant detail. These papers may contain statements that do not relate to proving a stated position.
  3. These papers take a position and state reasons. These reasons are given with generalized support, sometimes lacking detail.
  4. These papers take a position and present a unified, well-developed argument. Each reason is well supported with specific, relevant detail. All statements and information relate directly to proving the position.
  5. These papers exhibit all the characteristics of level four. In addition, they either directly or indirectly refute possible arguments of the opposing side.