Project Showcase

Academic Scheduling

SampleImage1 image1 Alex Souza

 image1 Anthony Andrada

 image1 Anthony Ferrero

 image1 Kevin Johnson

 image1 Max Gregory

 image1 Milan Potdar

The team has been tasked with automating the process of academic scheduling for the administration so that academic scheduling forms may be disbursed and responses to them collected in as simple and easy a manner as possible. The team must devise a way to perform data analysis on responses to these forms.


Army/Navy Surplus 

SampleImage1 image1 Daniel Trebe

 image1 Evan Rossi

 image1 Kevin Bui

 image1 Ming Kin Ho


Our client had two online shopping websites: one older and less user friendly, and one updated and easy to use. She wanted to only use the newer one, but didn’t want to lose customers from her older site and its different domain name (for which she was paying an additional fee). Her highest priority, however, was to increase her websites’ traffic and visibility in search engines.


Beauty PT 



 Alexandra Lomotan

 image 2 

 Dora Do


 Jacky Huang

Beauty PT, a beauty salon located near San José State University, currently has a website. Lisa Trang, the owner of Beauty PT, wanted to add an online appointment calendar system to increase business and ease the creation and cancellation of appointments. The team chose the most usable and efficient platform for Lisa and what type of appointment system would be integrated on her business’s website. The team also taught and provided her with tutorials how to use the appointment system and various social media sites.


Buddhist Temple 

SampleImage1 image1 Akshay Baheti

 image1 Haoxuan Dong

 image3 Karan Khare

 image1 Liang Zhang

 image1 Sushma  Satyanarayan

 image1 Vaibhav Kamble

It is a video capture web framework to be used by visitors of the Buddhist Temple. Visitors will use a Kiosk to record videos. They will sign up on the Kiosk with basic information for book keeping. The visitors will then link the recorded video with a particular event in the timeline present on the Buddhist temple website. The Videos will be uploaded to Youtube allowing the client to download the videos. These upload videos will appear as a thumbnail chained to an event in the timeline. When a user click on the thumbnail a small pop-up will appear to play the video.


Christmas in the Park - Website 

SampleImage1 image1 Aayush Neupane

 image1 Danish Sharma

 image1 Eiko Mitani

 image1 Joshua Bonner

 image1 Sai Kiran Padooru


Christmas in the park is an annual event held in San Jose downtown every year during Christmas time. Even though the event is held between the end of November and the beginning of January, the rest of the year is spent on searching for sponsors and planning the event. The website provides a medium for general population to gather information about the event. The admin/user also wants to be able to access the files easily and be able to edit the articles without contacting technical support. The objective is to make the data easily accessible and make the website more user friendly. One of the challenges Christmas in the Park has is keeping the website up-to-date. Editing the website currently requires HTML knowledge, thus requires IT involvement. It can cause delay in publishing the latest information. Christmas in the Park is seeking to update their website without outside help.


Christmas in the Park - Mobile App 

SampleImage1 image1 Allen Schnibben

 image1 Jason Springer

 image1 Jennifer Wu

 image1 Michelle Pham

 image1 Spencer Lehrman


Christmas in the Park is seeking a mobile application for the android phone. The objective is to plan the development of a mobile application to promote Christmas in the Park events, provide information for event attendees, and possibly provide a voting platform for the gingerbread house competition.


CoSAC and College of Science 


 image1 Dakota Polenz

 image 2 Gianna Fusaro

 image3 Gurpreet Kaur

 image1 Shukan Shah


The original purpose of this project was to update the College of Science newsletter and provide maintenance updates to their website. The project was expanded to include redesigning and updating the College of Science Advising Center’s website. Updates to COSAC’s website included upgraded navigation, fixing links, adding new content, and fixing previously broken content. One interesting item of note was that due to the COSAC website’s broken navigation index, there was an entire section of the website that was inaccessible. This section included information on how where and how to start applying for internships and how to start careers outside of the university.




  image1 Andy Hu

  image1 Baoquan Dinh

  image1 Frank Liu

  image1 Hai Tan Nguyen


Professor Bobbi Makani requested a migration of her current data from excel to an online database. In addition, she required a database with query functions that allowed her to search for certain information. The team has been given the tasks to figure out how Qualtrics Survey, OU Campus and data migration works.


Computer Science Department - MSCS Website 

SampleImage1 image1 David Smith

 image 2 Fan Yu

 image3 Liang Wu

 image1 Pingchan Liu

 image1 Vicky Na Zhao

The MSCS program would like to migrate the paper-based students advising process to a paperless environment. The objective is to develop an online Advising Form system for students and advisors to achieve the advising process paperlessly. With this system, students are able to download and upload the Advising Form from MSCS webpage instead of wandering between MSCS advisors and the MSCS department administrator. In addition, the MSCS program wants a search engine on the FAQ page, so that prospective and continuing students can easily find information they want and need for their MSCS program. The objective is to develop search engine functionality for the FAQs.


CS100W Job Shadow Handbook, Website, and Database

SampleImage1 image3 Alexander Hwang    

 image3 Ismeet Kaur Makkar

 image3 Peter Thobe

 image3 Siddiq Ahmed Syed

 image3 Samuel Kim

The College of Science department at San Jose State University wants to extend opportunities to the students by offering a Job Shadow program. One of the goals of this project is to deliver a high-quality end point for the Job Shadow program. The team developed web page and handbook for employers and students to fulfill this requirement. The students in the computer science department will work on a number of IT projects which, if presented to recruiters, have the potential to land students lucrative positions in the industry. The team also developed webpage to showcase the projects spearheaded and completed by the students in this semester, along with developing a student showcase page for all the students enrolled in spring 2014.


CS180i Internship Handbook and Website

SampleImage1 image1 Chin Tsai

 image 2 Ryan Eager

 image3 Ryan Veach

 image3 Shruti Sharma

 image1 Swathi Pai

The main goal of this project is to attract potential employers to science program at San Jose State University by highlighting student expertise. To achieve this goal, the CS180I/CS180 website has been redesigned to look professional and attractive. 

The team has also come up with an attractive internship handbook. The handbook will covers important ideas like why an internship is helpful, how does one find an internship, and what should be expected from an internship. Finally, the handbook also lets interns know their rights and what is acceptable (i.e. unpaid hours are not acceptable) as well lets employers know their rights and what is expected of interns. 


Discover San Jose

SampleImage1 image1 

 Rongdan Liu

 image 2 

 Xianghui Zhu


 Yunzhi Liu


Discover San Jose is a local gift store selling T-shirts, baseball hats, mug cups, souvenirs, art works and books about San Jose. The store has a website to promote its products named Discovery San Jose. We aimed to help the store get a better online scene and hopefully attract more businesses and customers by improving the website’s organization, making it more clear and logical, and improving the page layout and design, especially replacing old photos with more attracting pictures and adding descriptions. 


E-Zine - an iPad App 

SampleImage1 image1 Anthony Tsang

 image 2 Daniel Geisler

 image1 Enkido Betmallo

 image1 Garindra Prahandono

 image1 Justin Tracy

 image1 Karthik Vakati

 image1 Naresh Kasturi

 image1 Patrick Qi

The E-Zine group worked to develop an electronic magazine showcasing the department of computer science. The focus of the magazine is on Big Data, a rapidly growing facet of computer science. The magazine aims to educate about what is Big Data is and how San Jose State University students, faculty, and the programs in our department utilize Big Data.


Going Evergreen


 image1 Alvin Ko

 image1 Alvin Yang

 image1 Jimmy Sok

 image1 Lynn Longboy

 image1 Yang Peng

Going Evergreen is seeking an Android application that can be used in order to communicate between the staff and the health advocates. The messages that are sent between the the health advocates and the staff need to be stored in a database in order to create an archive history of the messages. The Android application will be incorporating Twilio in order to send messages between the users of this application. Message templates will be provided for the users to quickly send text messages to each other. Twilio is a cloud based application so we assume that the messages that are being distributed between users will be saved in the cloud as well. We also assume that we will be able to retrieve this data from the Twilio application in order to keep track of all messages sent and create an archive of messages based off date and time the messages were sent.


Grateful Dead 

SampleImage1 image1 Eileen Wei

 image 2 Omari Francis

 image3 Peter Chou

 image1 Peter Pham

 image1 Pisut Hutton

 image1 Shweta Shweta

San Jose State University is collaborating with the University of California, Santa Cruz to hold a convention for the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary. Our team’s objective is to create a functional website for the scholarly conference event that will be a one stop point for all the participants. The participants should be able to: register for the conference, submit payment as a requirement for registration, and use the website to obtain general information about the surrounding sites and attractions.


MLK Library Mobile App

SampleImage1 image1 Andrew Fausak

 image1 Carlos Renteria

 image1 Ramya Shenoy

 image1 Saravana Gajendran

 image1 Srividhya Srinivasan

Martin Luther King Junior Library is a public library, a collaboration of San Jose Public library and the San Jose State University. Students of SJSU and the general public can access information about the library through the two websites: and Both these sites provide basic services to the Dr.Martin Luther King Junior library like working hours of the library, event calendar, reservation of study rooms and giving access to journals and e­books in various fields. Since the library is physically huge, the library administration wants its users to be able to locate the different sections across the floors easily. A smartphone app would be a very apt solution to this and hence, the MLK app team, comprising of students from the Department of Computer Science, SJSU will be designing a smartphone app for this need.


Orchard School

SampleImage1 image1 Chris Nguyen

 image1 Fan Han

 image1 Justin Venneman

 image1 Kevin Lai

 image1 Patrick Truong

The Orchard School District’s website, in its current state, does not fulfill the needs of the users who utilize and depend on it for information. The website is not as user friendly as it can be toward parents, students, staff, and potential enrollees. We plan on correcting these issues with a new website that has a simple and clean design.


CS100W Qualtrics

SampleImage1 image1 James Lane

 image1 Jingjing Yang

 image1 Steve Lee

 image1 Steven Gingsum Ou


Using the already existing survey provided by the CS department as a basis, we were able to create a new short test survey in Qualtrics that utilizes some of the unique features of this software. Some of these useful tools include display logic (allows a question to only be revealed depending on the answer to the preceding question) and skip logic (allows a question to be skipped depending on the answer to the preceding question. We also used Python, SQL, Excel, and FileMaker to analyze the survey result and put the data into easy to understand graphs and tables.


STEM Education Program

SampleImage1 image1 Andy Ngo

 image1 Christopher Victa

 image1 David Singer

 image1 Phuc Nguyen

 image1 Tuan Tran

San Jose State University is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education partner for the Congressional App Challenge brought to our district by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. The challenge set forth in this competition is for each participating high school student to create an app with a video demonstrating the application and a video discussing the code. Our group's task is to guide students in the App making process and to provide feedback. 


Video - Women in Computer Science

SampleImage1 image1  Anusha Damodaran

 image1 Avi Dey

 image1 Brian Kao

 image1 Jonathan Sahoo

 image1 Kisha Rikhi

 image1 Kory Le

 image1 Shubhangi  Rakhonde

 image1 Swapna Vemparala

The objective of this project is to create a video promoting women in Computer Science. This video will be created by collecting interviews from distinguished female professionals in Computer Science, faculty members and students. We will condense content to highlight their success stories, current obstacles they encounter and how they manage to keep a good work-life balance. We will showcase their historical journey in this field, their current and future roles and its influence on the society. It will also present statistical data of current percentage of women in Computer Science. In conclusion, from this video we hope to encourage more women to join this field.  


WebLion - Prof. Taylor's project



 Andrew Kalenda


 Jason Hungerford


 Meredith Leu

 The challenge set forth by our client, Dr. Taylor of the Computer Science Department at San Jose State University, is to create an automatic grading system that he and other faculty of the CS Department can use. Our project, WebLion, would be a compilation of a plagiarism detector, unit tester, coding style checker, and code-coverage viewer, in a language-agnostic manner. The software will use Git as a version control system and a way for instructors to provide sample code to students. Ideally our solution will be reusable by other campuses.