Yahoo! Hackathon


A Student's Perspective

Students work tirelessly in preparation and during one of the most challenging and enjoyable events of the year, the Yahoo! Hackathon. As an observer, I can see the passion and dedication that the students put forth. The drive is there.

When met with a challenge that is conquerable within your means, students especially, seek to overcome. You ascend into a state of flow, almost like a challenge-conquer duality, an elegant dance between the two. As a current student myself, I can say that this position is not only full of adversity, but is also entirely enjoyable. There is no greater feeling than being met with a challenge that you know you can beat. This is what the Yahoo! Hackathon provides.

The Yahoo! Hackathon sets the bar in terms of setting a venue where students can fully invest themselves into what they're doing.


Academic Affairs Division Newsletter

We're proud to be have the Yahoo! Hackathon event featured in the March 2015 edition of the Academic Affairs Division Newsletter!