Pending Curriculum Policies [pdf]

S20-3 (2020 - Pending) University Policy, Graduate Credit Earned by SJSU Undergraduate Students

F18-5A (2020 - Pending) Amendment A to F18-5, University Grading System Policy

Current Policies

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  • S93-14 [pdf] (1993) Curricular Priorities
  • S08-3 [pdf] (2008) Incorporating Accessibility into the Curriculum Process
  • S18-10 [pdf] (2018) Resource Analysis required for Curricular Proposals


  • CSU Course Classification - C/S Number Definitions (Faculty Staffing Formula) [pdf]
  • F66-13 [pdf] (1966) Prohibition of Double-Numbering of Course; Lower Division/Upper Division Differentiation
  • S66-12 [pdf] (1966) Transfer Credit for Extension and Correspondence Courses
  • S67-31 [pdf] (1967) Standards for Awarding Academic Credit; Faculty appointments at SJSU; Discipline Specific Expertise of Faculty; Catalog Publication of Courses
  • F67-11 [pdf] (1967) Graduate Experimental Courses; Individual Study and Special Topics (Course #'s)
  • F68-24 [pdf] (1968) Guidelines for Experimental Undergraduate Courses
  • S73-9 [pdf] (1973) Continuing Education Course Standards (400 level courses)
  • S73-24 [pdf] (1973) Computing the GPA for "CR" Grades Given in Graduate Courses  
  • F77-2 [pdf] (1977) The Continue Education Unit (CEU)
  • S79-4 [pdf] (1979) Campus Policy on Student Field Experiences During Campus Strikes
  • S85-4 [pdf] (1985) Criteria for Upper Division Courses
  • S00-6 [pdf] (2000) Course Offering and Enrollment Standards
  • S02-3 [pdf] (2002) Designing Service Learning Courses
  • S06-4 [pdf] Final Exam Evaluation or Culminating Activity Policy
  • S09-4 [pdf] (2009) First-Year Experience (FYE) Courses
  • F15-5 [pdf] (2015) Credit by Exam for Challenge Examinations
  • S16-14 [pdf] (2016) Internships, Service learning, and Off-Campus learning Experiences
  • F13-2 [pdf] (2016) Technology Intensive, Hybrid and Online Courses and Programs
  • S17-5 [pdf] (2017) Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students 
  • S17-7 [pdf] (2017) Graduate Course Revalidation 
  • S19-7 [pdf] (2019) Credit Hours and Maximum Unit Load during Summer and Intersession

Credit - Transfer / by Examinations

  • F68-9 [pdf] (1968) Maximum number of Junior College Transfer Units Allowed  
  • F68-25 [pdf] (1968) Evaluation and Transfer of Credit; Recognition of Outside Degrees
  • F75-6 [pdf] (1975) Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Requirement for Resident Alien Students
  • S77-6 [pdf] (1977) CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
  • S77-8 [pdf] (1977) Transferability of Credit by Examination


  • S18-14 [pdf] Department or School Name Change - For Detailed Procedures
  • S13-9 [pdf] Recommendation, Merging, Dividing, Transferring, Eliminating Academic Units - For Detailed Procedures


Assessment and Program Planning

  • S75-14 [pdf] (1975) Use of Consultants in Review of Academic Programs; Program Planning
  • S16-17 [pdf] (2016) Academic Certificate Programs: Review and Approval Process
  • S17-12 [pdf] (2017) SJSU Graduate and Undergraduate University Learning Goals
  • S17-11 [pdf] (2019) Organization of the Program Planning Process at SJSU

Certificates / Concentrations / Minors

  • S13-10 [pdf] (2013) Modify the Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificates 
  • S16-17 [pdf] (2016) Academic Certificate Programs: Review and Approval Process
  • S14-9 [pdf] (2019) Guidelines for Concentrations 


  • F77-1 [pdf] (1977) Requirements for a Second Master's Degree; Graduate Degree
  • F74-7 [pdf] (1974) Requirement of Graduate Record Exam (GRE) a Department Option F89-3 [pdf] (1989) Requiring Graduate Bibliographic Instruction
  • S94-7 [pdf] (1994) Competency in Written English for Graduate Students
  • S13-8 [pdf] (2013) Residency Requires for Masters Degrees
  • S14-10 [pdf] (2014) Master’s Committee Structure and Thesis Embargoes
  • F19-1 [pdf] (2019) Combined Bachelors and Masters Degree


  • S69-25 [pdf] (1969) Minimum Number of Upper Division units for Bachelor’s Degrees
  • S73-4 [pdf] (1973) Guidelines for Secondary Baccalaureates
  • S75-5 [pdf] (1975) Undeclared Undergraduate Category
  • S81-11 [pdf] (1981) University Requirement: Oral Communication
  • F88-9 [pdf] (1988) BA/BS Differentiation
  • F99-7 [pdf] (1999) GE Related to LLD 98/99
  • S01-5 [pdf] (2001) 120 unit Requirement for the Baccalaureate
  • S13-3 [pdf] Temporary Accommodation for Degree Programs Reducing to 120 units 
  • S14-5 [pdf] (2014) Guidelines for General Education (GE), American Institutions (AI), and the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) GE Guidelines.pdf [pdf] 
  • S14-11 [pdf] (2014)  Physical Education Requirement 
  • S16-12 [pdf] (2016) Restoring Options for Students with Quantitative Reasoning Disabilities Affecting Math Skills  
  • F18-1 [pdf] (2018) Rescinds Metropolitan University Scholars Experience (MUSE) New Student Seminar Program in Core General Education
  • S18-9 [pdf] (2018)  Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) Examination; Sanctions; Probation
  • S19-3 [pdf] (2019) University Writing: Requirements/Guidelines, University Writing Committee 

Registration / Grades


F17-1 [pdf] (2017) Human Subjects Research Amendment A [pdf], Amendment B [pdf]F69-12 [pdf] (1969) Prohibition of Classified Research; Academic Freedom
S14-6 [pdf] (2014) Humane Care and Use of Animals
S18-5 [pdf] (2018) Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity: Advisor-Student Relationship, Sponsored Projects, and Proprietary and Confidential Information in RSCA
S99-11 [pdf] (1999) Conflicts of interest for PIs
S05-13 [pdf] (2005) Reporting of Organized Research and Training Units