Curriculum Effective 2021-2022

All revisions or new curriculum is effective fall 2021 or as indicated. To review any curriculum pending approval, log onto Curriculog, the SJSU's curriculum management system, or contact the Curriculum Office


For more detail, view the Course Proposal Log (links to syllabi included, when available) to see pending and approved proposals for new or modified courses, including General Education, and Service Learning.


New Degrees

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MS - degree elevation from concentration (Academic Plan Code:CMHCMS-3, students that will continue in the MS Psychology, Clinical Psychology concentration will use the Academic Plan Code XPSYLMS-3)
  • Information Science and Data Analytics, BS - fully online degree completion program in special session effective fall 2021; regular session hybrid, where GE and electives are face to face and upper division major content is online, full degree effective fall 2022; pilot program: full proposal must be submitted in 5 years (Academic Plan Codes: ISDABS-1X for self support degree completion; ISDABS-1 for state-support full degree program)
  • Special Education, MA - degree elevation from concentration (Academic Plan Code: SPEDMA-3, students that will continue in the MA Education, Special Education concentration will used Academic Plan Code XEDSEMA-3)
  • Teaching, MA - Pending final approval from the CSU Chancellor's Office.

New Concentrations

  • Advanced Standing Program, Social Work MSW - The Advanced Standing Program would require students to enroll in bridge courses prior to the Fall semester. The Fall semester will be the start of their final year. We are uncertain which option to select given that the Summer Bridge courses will be offered technically as Special Session and these students will continue in Advanced Standing Program in Fall either as special session or regular session students in the final year of the existing MSW programs. 

Organizational Changes