BA Handbook Adding/Dropping Courses

Students register for classes online using my.sjsu. Students must attend the first class meeting to ensure they are not dropped by the instructor.

Students must also adhere closely to the University’s add and drop dates. These deadlines can be found online and on the instructors’ syllabi. Instructors will provide add codes for students adding a class once classes commence. In most cases, late adds will not be granted. It is the student’s responsibility to approach the instructor, before the add date deadline, if an add code does not work. Late adds are available on the Registrar's website

To drop a class, students should follow the directions on my.sjsu. Students must petition to drop a course if the drop deadline has passed. The required forms must be obtained from the Registrar's website. These forms require signatures of the instructor and Director of the School of Music & Dance.

Students must petition to enroll in over 19 units. Excess units petitions can obtained from the Registrar's website. It is the student’s responsibility to check his or her my.sjsu regularly regarding all class schedule information.