BA Handbook Requirements

New students are expected to participate in a placement audition prior to entering the program.

Grade and Grade Point Average Requirements

A student must receive no lower than a “C” in any required course work. If a student receives a “C-” or lower, the course must be repeated and a grade of at least a “C” achieved. A student must maintain at least an overall grade point average of 2.0.

If for any “documented” reason a student is unable to complete all requirements for a given course in a semester, he or she is responsible for initiating the process with the instructor to request an “incomplete.” If the instructor has not been approached by the student as of the final class meeting, a grade will be awarded based upon the work completed. A student must complete at least two thirds of the work required for the course in order for an “incomplete” to be considered. If a student sustains an injury, or a situation arises that precludes the ability to complete the course work, or at least the two thirds necessary to obtain an “incomplete”, he or she must petition to drop the course. An “incomplete” is not granted when a student needs to repeat an entire course. The course must be made up by the end of the semester the next time it is being offered, with the appropriate grade achieved (see above.)

Technique Level

Technique levels for each student will be determined by the faculty. Each semester current technique instructors will assess students and make decisions regarding placement for the following semester.


Technique classes are essential to the dancer’s training, and class attendance is vital to the student’s success in the BA program. All students are expected to maintain consistent attendance in all their dance major courses.

Students who are injured are still expected to attend all classes. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the faculty of any injury which may inhibit or preclude participation in any movement class. Students are expected to consult with the instructor for any contingency requirement involved. Injured students must communicate with the instructor regarding the injury and the preferred manner of participation (taking notes, engaging in class discussion etc.). Injured students should make every effort to schedule doctors’ appointments outside of class time.


Students in the program are expected to behave responsibly. The following must be adhered to:


  • Living up to your commitments as a student, dancer, choreographer
  • Attending all classes and rehearsals. Being prompt and prepared.
  • Giving your full concentration
  • Honoring all performance and choreography contracts


  • Respecting all faculty, staff and peers
  • Taking your art seriously
  • Taking the process of technique, rehearsal, performance seriously
  • Choreographers showing respect for dancers, and vise versa
  • Not giving unsolicited advice to professors, choreographers, or peers
  • Respecting dress codes
  • Respecting and adhering to all schedules


  • Challenging yourself to broaden your horizons in performance and/or choreography. Do not let your strength become a limitation. You have chosen this program to grow. Open yourself up to new possibilities
  • Maintaining and improving your technique with regular classes.
  • Sustaining your concentration in technical rehearsals


  • Being honest with yourself and others
  • Being honest with your work
  • Fulfilling each commitment to the best of your ability

Area of Option

By the end of the sophomore year, each BA student will choose a primary area of option, either modern or jazz. He or she must complete 6 units of level III or IV in this area, with 10 units in additional technique, including ballet. BA students may later petition to change the area of option. This change must be granted by faculty approval.

Other Course Requirements

BA students must also complete and Music Appreciation or Art Appreciation in preparation for the major. Other requirements include: Dance Improvisation, Choreography I and II, Dance Production, Rhythmic Fundamentals, two semesters of Dance History, one semester of Dance Kiniesiology, Senior Seminar, 4 units in performance, and either a second semester of Dance Kinesiology or Children’s Dance. Students must complete 1 unit of 52 B, Dance Crewing, ½ unit each. All crews must be completed in first two years in the program.

These courses are supported by 21 units of dance electives, 9 of which may be additional dance coursework. Twelve units of the electives must be non-dance related courses, encouraging the student to pursue a minor in another area. A total of 120 units are required to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Capstone Experience

The BA program will culminate with a final senior project. All students must chose between evaluation in performance or choreography. To be eligible for evaluation in choreography the student must have successfully completed Choreography III.

In the area of performance each candidate is required to perform a solo, or in a duet or trio. It may not be choreographed by the candidate as this experience is geared toward the continued broadening of the range of the student. If the student opts to perform a solo, it is recommended that the student seek a professional choreographer. The choice of choreographer must be approved by the faculty and if the choreographer is a student he/she must have completed Choreography III and submit a written description of the piece. If the work is to be reconstructed from the literature of dance it must be approved by the faculty. A solo should not exceed five minutes in length.

In the area of choreography the candidate is required to present an original work for a minimum of two dancers. Choreography will be judged upon clarity of conception, the resulting compositional structure as relevant to the concept, utilization of choreographic tools and originality in movement invention. Each student must present a clear written description of their concept, a plan for the compositional structure and sources of movement invention. Derivative movement or movement from classroom technique is not appropriate for this project. The student will receive a calendar for the semester and must adhere to the designated deadlines. The work should not exceed 8 minutes in length and the choreographer may not perform in the piece.

The student will participate in an exit interview with the faculty.


All BA students must complete three crewing assignments during their first two years in the program. One crewing assignment will be included in the Dance Production course. Students must sign-up for a crew and take a permission code. These are posted in the Dancers’ Lounge each semester.