Animation/Illustration Faculty

Below, you'll find the complete list of our esteemed Animation/Illustration faculty and their contact information. 

Program Founders 

Headshot of Alice Carter Alice Carter  Professor Emerita
Headshot of Courtney Granner Courtney Granner  Professort Emeritus

Major Advisors

Headshot of David Chai David Chai Professor,
Program Coordinator,
Film & Special Projects Coordinator,
Major Advisor
Headshot of John Clapp John Clapp Associate Professor,
Foundations Coordinator,
Major Advisor
Headshot of Raquel Coelho Raquel Coelho Professor,
Animation Coordinator,
Major Advisor
Headshot of Angela Wu Angela Wu Assistant Professor,
Major Advisor
Headshot of David Yee David Yee Assistant Professor,
Major Advisor


  Owen Aurelio  
  Tom Austin  
Headshot of Leila Beverleigh Leila Beverleigh  
Headshot of Cameron Chun Cameron Chun   
  Todd Elliot  
Headshot of Dave Gustlin Dave Gustlin   
Headshot of Leann Hill Leann Hill    
Headshot of Ishmael Hoover Ishmael Hoover  
Headshot of Taylor Hsieh Taylor Hsieh  
Headshot of Robert Hunt Robert Hunt  
Headshot of Jeff Jackson Jeff Jackson  
Headshot of Samia Khalaf Samia Khalaf  
  Elizabeth Li  
Headshot of Bryan Lind Bryan Lind  
  Michelle Meeker  
  Brandon Moore   
Headshot of Inga Poslitur Inga Poslitur   
  Jeff Sangalli  
  Barron Storey    
Headshot of Stacy Tang Stacy Tang   
  Marc Yates  
Headshot of Chris Zollna Chris Zollna  

Retired Faculty

  Sheldon Borenstein  
  Elizabeth Briggs  
  Martin McNamara  

Always in our hearts. Always SHM.


Jules Jammal