The Department of Design understands the value of collaboration. We have created an atmosphere of collaboration across our own programs, with other departments in the University, with our community in San José, and with industry in Silicon Valley. Through collaboration we are able to tap into a variety of knowledge bases and skill sets to solve problems. Through collaboration, we are able to see the big picture, to leverage differences and understand one another. Through collaboration we are able to teach and learn new things from each other, which facilitates a culture of continuous learning. If you have an idea for a collaboration, let us know.

Animation students and faculty have collaborated with education, science and engineering to create the Green Ninja, an animated character who’s love of science inspires middle school students to design a more sustainable worldVisit the Green Ninja website to learn more. 

Interior Design students and faculty collaborated across campus with the Urban and Regional Planning Department, the Knight Foundation, and CommUniverCity to bring Mi Sala Tu Sala to the Northside neighborhood of San José. Mi Sala Tu Sala is an outdoor living room, filled with seating, fragrant plants, warm, harmonious colors, and a mural that tells the history of this iconic neighborhood. Watch the construction of Mi Sala Tu Sala unfold here.

This year at SJSU, volunteer industrial design students, healthcare professionals, and professional designers, worked together to design and fabricate face masks and hardware that were all delivered to local healthcare facilities and firefighters. Read an SJSU News article about the collaboration that saved lives and helped keep us healthy!