Animation/Illustration FAQ


Q: What are the requirements for applicants coming from Junior/Community College?

A: List of requirements for the A/I Program are available here.

Q: What classes are transferable from my Junior/Community College?

A: Lists of courses that are transferrable to the SJSU A/I Program are available here.

Q: How should I apply to the SJSU Animation/Illustration program?

A: Be sure to indicate BFA Animation/Illustration as your major of first choice. Please note that you can only be admitted into the BFA A/I program upon admittance into the school. You cannot switch into the BFA A/I program or enroll in any of the courses otherwise. More information on how to apply can be found here.

Q: Do I need to pass a portfolio review to enter as a Freshman/Transfer student?

A: No. Admission is based solely on GPA and eligibility indexes.

Q: What are the admission criteria for BFA Animation/Illustration?

A: Admissions are based on Eligibility Index for students applying straight out of high school, and GPA for transfer students. Admission criteria changes every year and is posted after students have been admitted.

Q: If I am not admitted as BFA Animation/Illustration. What are my options?

A: SJSU's College of Humanities and Arts offers degrees in related programs that might be of interest to you, including the BA in Design Studies, Radio/TV/Film/Theatre, and the BFA in Digital Media Arts.

Q: If admitted to SJSU as a different major, can I change my major to BFA Animation/Illustration?

A: Unfortunately no, students are not allowed to change their major to Animation/Illustration.

Q: I am a non-Animation/Illustration major at SJSU. Can I enroll in Animation/Illustration classes?

A: Unfortunately no, non-Animation/Illustration majors are not allowed to enroll in any Animation/Illustration courses.

Q: I already have a Bachelor’s degree. Can I still apply to SJSU?

A: Unfortunately SJSU is currently not accepting students interested in pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree. And currently, Animation/Illustration does not offer a graduate degree.

Q: What areas of study are offered in the program?

A: The program allows for two areas of concentration: Animation and Illustration, within which students focus in story, visual development, 3-D modeling, or animation.

Q: When do I choose my concentration?

A: Students typically choose their concentration in their third year.  

Q: Does that mean that I have to try all areas before making up my mind?

A: All students are required to take courses that use skills in story, visual development, 3-D modeling and animation before they need to decide on a focus.

Q: Can I opt to only focus on one type of class; animation, visual development, storyboarding, or modeling?

A: No, all of our students are required to take the same beginning classes in drawing, painting, animation, and modeling. They can begin to decide on a concentration when they approach their junior year.

Q: Can I have a concentration in just 2-D animation and not 3-D?

A: No, all A/I students learn skills in both 2-D and 3-D animation.

Q: What is the Program Portfolio Review?

A.Students are required to pass a portfolio review to remain in the program and register for ANI Classes numberd 114 and higher.

Q: When do I apply for the Review?

A: The portfolio review is generally held in the second year for students who began at SJSU, and in the first or second semester for transfer students.

Q: What kind of work should I submit for the Review?

A: Selected work from all of your previous A/I courses and an assigned sketchbook. Complete details on how to apply for the Portfolio Review will be discussed in your classes.

Q: What happens if I do not pass the portfolio review?

A: A high percentage of students pass the review, but those who do not will schedule a meeting with an A/I advisor to discuss what alternative course of study best suits their skills.

Q: Who do I contact for advice regarding A/I classes?

A: For all general information about the Industrial Design Program please contact Design Department Office: Art Building 120, 408-924-4340,