Graphic Design Program Learning Objectives

Program Learning Objectives

BA Design Studies

  • Utilize knowledge gained in classroom to develop discipline-based skills in materials and techniques;
  • Demonstrate professional competence/depth of knowledge within their field of study;
  • Engage in global views and weigh design decisions within the parameters of ecological, socio-economic, and cultural contexts; 
  • Demonstrate all aspects of the design process to identify complex problems and generate solutions that optimize human experiences;
  • Engage in multi-disciplinary collaborative work team structures;
  • Demonstrate discipline-based design ideas verbally, visually and digitally.

BFA Graphic Design

  • Apply the principles of color, composition, hierarchy, typography as they relate in the various media—digital, print, motion, 3-D, etc.—that exist in design.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create and develop original concepts, build prototypes, integrate feedback and carry projects through to the production process.
  • Apply principles of visual communication as they relate to reaching audiences, the role of design in society, and the ability to work cooperatively.
  • Identify key aspects of graphic design history, theory and criticism from a variety of perspectives, including prominent designers, historians and contemporary writers and thought-leaders.
  • Show fluency in the breadth of disciplines that graphic design encompasses, with deep exploration into information architecture, user interface design, interactive design, motion graphics, iterative image-making, exhibition design and typeface design.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the design process, design thinking and professional standards and practices, including real-project learning scenarios and a transition into preparing a portfolio to enter the working force.