Industrial Design Program

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Arbor Project

Collaboration with City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, Industrial Design Program and Stoller Studios 2010/11 AY. Prof. Leslie Speer, Prof. John McClusky, Prof. Jim Ammon, and Prof. Misha Young.

Mobile Technology for a Learning Environment

Thuan Tran. Photo Mark Serr.

Inside Out Printer

Warren White. Photo Mark Serr.

Hiking Shoes for Baby Boomers

Cassie Tweed. Photo Mark Serr.

Rice/Veggie Steamer Concept

Esther Chan. Photo Mark Serr.

Concept Sketch

Faris Elmasu

Walking Stick for Baby Boomers

Alex Brown. Photo Mark Serr.

Concept Sketch

Faris Elmasu

Geocaching Heads Up Glasses

Manuel Melo. Photo Mark Serr.

Pet Carrier

Carriane Seger. Foundation Project.

BDI Design Competition sketches

Tim Seward (1st place winner)

Foot Prosthetic Functional Test Prototypes

Tim Seward. Photo Mark Serr

Desk Lamp Reuse/Repurpose Project

Farris Elmasu


Atul Lall

Veggie Steamer concept

Becky Field. Photo Mark Serr.

Solar Powered Street Light and Fan

Hoan Pham

Wood Chair

Carriane Seger. Foundation Project. Photo Mark Serr

Prosthetic Foot Design Sketches

Tim Seward

Therapeutic Wrist Brace CAD

Tim Seward. Therapeutic Wrist Brace CAD (Solidworks)

Therapeutic Wrist Brace Sketches

Tim Seward


About SJSU Industrial Design

Established over thirty years ago, the main objective of the Industrial Design Program is twofold: firstly, for students to understand the evolving needs of humanity; and secondly, for students to address those needs by giving form to solutions. Graduates will emerge from the program prepared to design sustainable solutions to world problems. They will be trained in designing for and from all perspectives and to take into account the diversity of human existence. In our program, students will get to put their concepts into practice from the convenience of our Seid Lab, funded by an alumni and holds the most cutting edge fabrication equipment, available strictly to Industrial Design students.

Our distinguished faculty recognizes that, to become impactful industrial designers, students must have a firm comprehension of all things related to the human experience. As such, the program takes full advantage of the university setting by collaborating with SJSU’s Anthropology, Business, and Engineering programs. Additionally, because of our ideal location at the center of Silicon Valley, guest speakers from local tech companies and design studios are often invited to give talks, as well as critique student work.

Industrial design is not just the design of objects that facilitate everyday living; it’s also the the design around experiences and services. With the world in constant flux, we aspire to equip future industrial designers with essential tools—a balance of theory, skill, and practice—necessary to become global citizens and effect change throughout the world.

NOTE: Because of its structure, transfer students will take up to four years to complete the Industrial Design program at SJSU.