Industrial Design FAQs

ID Student Work

Q: How do I apply to be admitted into the SJSU Industrial Design program?

A: Information on admission requirements can be found here. Be sure to indicate BA Design Studies as your major of first choice. All Industrial Design majors are admitted as BA Design Studies students.

Q: Can I change my major to Industrial Design?

A: The SJSU Industrial Design program accepts change of major requests based on the availability of space within the program and the requesting student’s academic performance.

Q: What is the difference between BA Design Studies and BS Industrial Design?

A: The SJSU Industrial Design program admits all new students as BA Design Studies majors. Upon the successful completion of DSID 21, DSID 31, DSID 22, DSID 32 and DSID 32A, students are eligible to submit their work to a portfolio review for acceptance into the BS Industrial Design program. More information on the BA Design Studies and BS Industrial Design can be found here.

Q: How quickly can a transfer student, who has all their GEs done before coming to SJSU, complete a degree in BS Industrial Design?

A: Due to the highly competitive and specialized nature of the industrial design profession, the BS Industrial Design degree requires four years of study for all students.

Q: What classes are transferable from my junior/community/other college?

A: Lists of courses that are transferable to SJSU and the Industrial Design program are available here.

Q: Who do I contact for advice regarding Industrial Design classes?

A: For all general information about the Industrial Design Program please contact Design Department Office: Art Building 120, 408-924-4340,