Evan Pruitt

Evan Pruitt

Interior Design

MA, Architecture, UC Berkeley, CA

BA, Art and Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA


Evan Pruitt received her Masters of Architecture from UC Berkeley and Bachelors in Art and Design from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  After completing her M.Arch, she designed, Casa Coya, a house in Chile that has received numerous awards, including participating in  the 2010 Venice Biennale. Since returning to the Bay Area, Evan started a design firm and enjoys teaching at California College of the Arts and UC Berkeley, in addition to San Jose State University.  

Evan's academic interests explore the intersection between architecture and medicine, particularly how architecture might be conceived as a prophylactic device. Her M.Arch thesis, "Opportunistic Quarantine in a Pandemic City," researched the relationship between quarantine and productive urban centers. Architecture was represented through the lens of scientific diagrams and discussed in scientific vernacular. She built upon this concept by teaching thoughtful representation to scientists at Stanford University and by building a curriculum for an interdisciplinary design studio at CCA that pushed the boundary of art though science. 

At San Jose State University, Evan teaches Communication Tools. She believes that there is an important feedback loop between the tool and the hand. She thoroughly enjoys equipping students with the knowledge they need to make decisions not only about which tool to use and how to use it, but also about how to learn from the tool throughout their design process.