John Loomis

John Loomis

Interior Design 

MA, Architecture
Columbia University, NY

“Think rigorously, process digitally, work iteratively, practice social and environmental responsibility, create, innovate—get your hands dirty.”

As we enter further into the 21st century, it is apparent that success in just about every endeavor these days is increasingly a result of two things—creativity and innovation. Now that is not necessarily news. From Bernini to Bauhaus, Rembrandt to Rauschenberg, Michelangelo to Maeda, significant advances in art and design have always been marked by creativity and innovation. But with the unprecedented intensity and rapidity of change today, creativity and innovation are more than ever the keys to success.

At the School of Art & Design of San José State University, creativity and innovation are at the core of our educational, artistic, and design values. They are born of intellectual inquiry, rigorous analysis, tolerance of risk, interdisciplinary process, iterative self–assessment, collaboration, peer learning and above all—making.

We believe in educating the whole student, not training the technician. Embedded within a large liberal arts and sciences university, the School of Art & Design focuses on learning within a rich academic environment that enables students to become not just well honed artists and designers, but also educated, socially and environmentally responsible, creative and innovative leaders.

Our alumni not only thrive in their disciplines of study, they also have been adept at crossing disciplinary platforms for years. We have weavers who became architects, painters now in interior design, animators who morphed into web designers, graphic designers in creative management, and art historians who are now leaders in business and information technology. Adaptive interdisciplinary creativity continues as a core value for our students today and serves them well in changing times. It is no coincidence that a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review declared that “the MFA is the new MBA”.

We are located on the Eastern edge of the Pacific Rim, within a population that reflects the diverse peoples and cultures of that hemisphere. San José is unique in that it has an ethnic balance in which there are neither majorities nor minorities. This is a contributing factor that makes this one of the most culturally progressive places in the United States. San José is the largest city of the economically dynamic and culturally rich San Francisco Bay Area and is the urban center for Silicon Valley, renowned crucible of creativity. Our success is no accident and we are fortunate to share it with this network community of cultural and technological innovators.