Joris Komen

Joris Komen

Lecturer, Interior Design

BSc Arch - University of Pretoria, South Africa,
MArch - UC Berkeley, CA.

Joris Komen is an architect, researcher, educator and critical theorist currently based in Oakland, CA. 

Joris has worked with architects and designers, rural community development consultants, animators, jewelers and construction specialists from Namibia, Ghana, Brazil, the Netherlands and the USA. He is a recipient of the Ciampi Art in Architecture Prize 2015. He previously taught undergraduate architectural design studios and a design and activism seminar at UC Berkeley.

Joris is the founder of research group, DNKMN. This practice positions itself on the margin between material and discomfort, environment and ecology and an emerging architectural species. Architecture is understood as a taxidermy of form, space, material and texture and their respective works are driven by the groups interest in bioliteracy and the intersection of humans and animals. DNKMNattempts to reconcile the analogue and digital modalities as a means for novel form finding and fabrication, simulation and animation.