Ming Cheng

Ming is an Architect currently working in DGA, an architecture firm specializing in lab space planning and design in the Bay Area.  He graduated from the University of Oregon with a MArch degree focusing on sustainable architecture.  Ming was also a researcher for the High Performance Environments Lab (HiPE) in University of Oregon, specializing in the design of efficient, functional space with maximum daylight capacity. Ming believes that architecture is something that can be morphed with the surroundings of everyday life — light, nature, water, and sound.  He believes buildings should not be limited to to structure alone, but rather provide functional, sustainable and spatial designs that can provide for the users.  Therefore, a building must utilize the resources that surrounds it to achieve efficiency and sustainability.  Rather than adding more and more to the environment, Ming believes minimalistic design, where less is more, should be utilized to create efficient and functional space.