BFA Interior Design (Professional Degree)

About SJSU Interior Design 

The Interior Design program at SJSU is one of the top three interior design programs in California and one of the most prestigious interior design programs in a public university. The program focuses on innovative workplace strategies, creative design processes, interactive and adaptable environments using AR and VR, and fabrication through emerging technologies such as 3D printing, all through the lens of sustainability.  Because we are located at the center of Silicon Valley, we prepare students to enter the profession with a focus on technology. Because we care about human health and well-being, we teach students about biophilia and we work with our local community to address space issues around homelessness and urban blight. Our students are humanitarian technologists, innovating interiors to change the way we live and work for better futures.

All of our interior design faculty are currently active in the professions of architecture and interior design, this allows us to bring firsthand experience and knowledge into the classroom. Students emerge from our competitive program prepared to take on the challenges of designing for the 21st century. In addition to our rigorous coursework, students gain professional experience through internal and external portfolio review sessions and required internships.

Students in our faculty have won numerous awards in competitions sponsored by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), the Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Many of our graduates have been instrumental in rethinking and reinventing the workplace for significant corporations in the area. Others go on to establish their own successful design studios and become leaders in the profession. All have stepped forward to effect change throughout the world.

Explore the work of our 2020 Interior Design Graduates:

Learning Outcomes

BFA Interior Design

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • have an understanding of concepts, principles, and theories of sustainability as they pertain to building methods, materials, systems, and occupants within the parameters of ecological, socio-economic, and cultural contexts;
  • express ideas clearly through visual media (ideation drawings and sketches), the production of presentation drawings across a range of appropriate media and to produce integrated contract documents including drawings, schedules, and specifications appropriate to project size and scope;
  • understand and apply laws, codes, standards, accessibility guidelines and industry-specific regulations that impact the design of interior spaces;
  • be informed by knowledge of human factors and theories of human behavior related to the built environment, including an understanding of the diverse social and behavioral norms that affect design decisions;
  • apply theories of human behavior in the built environment by selecting, interpreting, and applying appropriate anthropometric data when designing a space;
  • be able to work in a multi-disciplinary collaborative environment to identify and explore complex problems and generate creative solutions that optimize the human experience within the interior environment.

Note: The Interior Design Program admits every student as a BA Design Studies Major. Upon completion of DSIT 34, students are eligible to apply for admission to BFA Interior Design Program.

Admission to the BFA Interior Design program is by portfolio review only. Students who do not pass the review will remain in the BA Design Studies Program.


3D Printed Fabric Interior Design of a Public Library

Rendering of a CatwalkWearable Scuipture

Leaf-like Light FixtureMock-up of a Modern Lobby