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letterformHow Designers and Educators Use the Online Archive
Graphic design faculty—Julio Martinez is participating in a virtual edition of SF Design Week with a panel of designers and educators. Jon Sueda, Robin Marich, and chris hamamoto will discuss how they use the Online Archive in the classroom and their personal practice.

Panel Discussion
A San Francisco Design Week Event
Mon, Jun 22, 2020
1:00pm–3:00pm PDT
9:00pm–11:00pm BST

BS Industrial Design Senior Show 
Congratulations to our Graduates! The Industrial Design senior showcase work is now live!

ID Senior Show

BFA Animation & Illustration Senior Show
Congratulations to our Graduates! The Animation and Illustration senior showcase
of work is now live!

Ani student work
(Truc Nguygn 3D Model)

BFA Interior Design Senior Show 
Join our 35 Interior Design graduates for their virtual senior showcase. Available online all the time and livestreamed on May 21st from 6-9 PM PST.

IT Senior Show

Designerviews: SJSU Department of Design faculty share their literal, creative and philosophical views while we shelter in place.

Designerview: Professor Virginia San Fratello, Interior Design

It has been important for me to continue making, crafting, and working with my hands, during this time of shelter in place. I find working with my hands and manipulating materials helps me focus and is incredibly gratifying. I set up a clay 3D printer in my backyard, under the magnolia tree, and established a small outdoor laboratory / mini-factory. I've been working on three projects, all in black porcelain. I've made over 400 snow catching tiles for a project I call the House of Snow. This winter the 3D printed tiles will be applied to a wall surface that will catch snow from the atmosphere to reveal a beautiful white image on the surface of the black building. The snow will also contribute to insulating the building. I"m fabricating tabletop utensils, including plates and bowls, and I"m working on the rematerialization of a Felideo Stirrup Vessel from the 10th century that was lost in the 2018 fire at the Museu Nacional in Brazil.

The black porcelain material seems appropriately somber, and reflects my mood many days. In its raw state it absorbs the light and when it dries it's a bit bleak and ashy. I"m hopeful that when it is fired and finished with a clear glaze, it will be deep and lustrous.

In the same way I'm hopeful for the future. Our lives are quite different now than they were a few months ago, but somehow I believe that when this is over things might be clearer and cleaner, like our environment and our interiors, our cities might be more for people, less for cars, and more of us might have found ways to make happiness.

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Virginia Working

BFA Graphic Design Senior Show 2020
BFA Graphic Design Senior Show
Despite the circumstances of COVID-19, the BFA Graphic Design 2020 Senior Show will still happen! Their online senior exhibition will go live on May 11th! This online experience will showcase all the hard work they’ve put in these past 2 years. For details and announcements, follow their show instagram for details and other announcements!
#timeiswhatyoumakeofit #2020 #BFA2020 #seniorshow #bfagraphicdesign #designshow #SJSU #BFA #Graphicdesign #design #visualdesign #visualarts #exhibition

Designerviews: SJSU Department of Design faculty share their literal, creative and philosophical views while we shelter in place.

Designerview: Philip Krayna, Graphic Design

Creativity is a vital part of my day. Remaining inspired and engaged—both professionally and personally—during this time of social isolation is a challenge. For me, inspiration came from the convergence of two unlikely and unexpected sources.

This spring, I was fortunate to meet the renowned Japanese activist, zen buddhist and calligrapher Kazuaki Tanahashi. In our discussion, Kazuaki observed that in calligraphy no brush line can be the same—every gesture and movement, every drop of ink on the paper will always be a unique expression of the moment. I realized that working as a designer using digital tools, precision and controlled results are usually expected by my clients. I missed the sense of the unexpected that Kazuaki so elegantly experiences in his calligraphic art. This was the seed of my inspiration.

Sheltering in place, I have spent a lot of time organizing my living space, and that includes sorting through old books and reference materials, culling art supplies and extraneous things from around my house. I decided to divert a pile of fashion images that were destined for the recycling bin, and revive some old graffiti markers found in a desk drawer, and embark on a calligraphy experiment. 

The obscured eyes, covered mouths and abstract faces in these images offer a commentary on the masks we wear in Covid times, and the sense of isolation many of us experience. Sharing this ongoing series of images with friends and through social media has helped keep me feeling vibrant and connected in a disconnected world.

philip krayna web designer photo


Designerviews: SJSU Department of Design faculty share their literal, creative and philosophical views while we shelter in place.

Designerview: Prof. Yoon Chung Han, Graphic Design

The world is in crisis and many are affected in one form or another. As an artist and a designer, I have been creating interactive arts/design related to various environmental/social issues and artificial entities. I recently collaborated with an astrophysicist and a neuroscientist and have been creating an interactive WebVR artwork where viewers can create their own personalized 3D artificial neurons, interact with them, and observe their interactions in the virtual cosmic world. The 3D neurons are small galaxies with different personalities in the universe affected by various factors. This work is in the development stage and will be featured in the ACM DAC exhibition as a part of SIGGRAPH 2020 in July 2020 and Sigma XI Society conference in November 2020. The 3D printed sculptures depict the drought issues in California and South Korea. The project will be more expanded and developed in different directions soon. More can be seen at @artofyoonhan

yoonchung han

yoon neuron picture

yoon han sculpture 

Designerviews: SJSU Department of Design faculty share their literal, creative and philosophical views while we shelter in place.

Designerview: Stacy Tang, Animation / Illustration

The pandemic is affecting all walks of life in different ways. Taking care of our mental health is just as important as taking care of our physical health. As an artist, I'm always thankful to have this outlet for me to express any bottled-up emotions. These are some personal artwork that I created since the shelter-in-place in March 2020. They reflect a mix of confusing emotions -- afraid, hurt, thankful, grounded, etc. Instead of forcing ourselves to be productive, make good use of this time to look within and tap into our subconscious. Art will flow through us more naturally when we gain a deeper understanding of life. More can be seen at @stacytangart

Stacy Tang Working

Die Alone photo Stacy Tang

Faculty Work Featured at MoMA
Professor San Fratello and her partner Ronald Rael can be seen discussing their research into novel and sustainable materials for 3D printing in this new documentary from MoMA.




Check out the first issue of feeeels, co-editied by our very own Diane Lee, professor of graphic design

Learn more at feeeels IG (feeeels.mag) and website (
Look at this video to see a preview of the first issue!

Priscilla Wong

Visual Development Artist, Trolls World Tour, DreamWorks Animation

Pracilla Wong

Priscilla Wong, SJSU alum, is one of Animag's 2020 Rising Star of Animation! Congratulations! 

When you catch the new DreamWorks’ feature Trolls World Tour in theaters or on demand in April, look out for the amazing “scrapbook” pages showcased in the picture. These are terrific examples of the artistic talents of Priscilla Wong, the 30-year-old visual development artist who also worked on the first Trolls movie and the 2014 feature Mr. Peabody & Sherman. The pages were all initially made by hand with felt, fabrics, etc., and then each page was scanned digitally and used in the dazzlingly colorful feature.

“I love that I get to express myself through art,” says the San Francisco-born and raised artist. “I love that DreamWorks has embraced my exploration of different mediums, knowing that freedom of expression is what pushes the envelope in animation. Any chance that I get to share my experiences with other people through art is a blessing in life. The most challenging aspect of the job is topping my last project!”

The San Jose State University graduate says it’s her passion to create a world that audiences have never seen before, and counts Sailor Moon, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Spirited Away, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats and SpongeBob SquarePants as some of her earliest influences. “Hayao Miyazaki, Kendal Cronkhite and Sean Charmatz are my animation idols. All artists who are deeply passionate about their craft, succeed by embracing teamwork and, maybe most of all, are kind.”


Guest Lecture

The Design Department will have a special guest lecture on Thursday February 27th at 5PM in Art 133. Tsz Ng will be joining us from the University of Michigan to share the architecture and interiors that she has designed for the fashion company Lafayette 148 and also that research she has done into robotic felting, which you can see here.

Guest laecture poster


Faculty Work Featured at MoMA

Professor San Fratello and her partner Ronald Real are featured in MoMA's new online course "What is Contemporary Art?"


Animation/Illustration's Shrunkenheadman Club
SHMCon 2020

When: Saturday February 15, 2020
Time: 10:00AM-4:00PM 
Location: San Jose State University, Student Union Ballrooms A, B, and C

SHM flyer 

Design Scholarships 

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship apply online at the Financial Aid & Scholaships website from February 1st-March 13th, 2020

 Scholarship flyer Spring 2020

"2020 International Housewares Student Design Competition"

Industrial Design Student Celine Wong won Second place in the "2020 International Housewares Student Design Competition" for her electric flower cutter. 

Congratulations Celine!!

 Celine qong photo 1  Celine Wong pic 2

Professor San Fratello's Pink Teeter Totters at the USA & Mexico border


Professor San Fratello's pink Teeter Totters installed on the Borderwall between the USA and Mexico made over 10 end of year best lists, including this one at Dezeen. Bringing people together is more important than ever.

Biometric data artwork from our Graphic Design Professor Yoon Chung Han

Professor Yoon Chung Han's biometric data artwork "Eyes" was exhibited at Korean Media Arts Festival at SWPK gallery in Soho, New York City Aug 8 - Dec 14, 2019, and shortlisted in unusual category at Information is beautiful award 2019. The work also was exhibited at IEEE VIS 2019 Arts Program at Vancouver Convention Centre Oct 21-25, 2019.



Professor Yoon Chung Han's new WebVR artwork

Professor Yoon Chung Han's new WebVR artwork "I am a _____ Neuron" was exhibited a part of a group exhibition "As above as below" at Manresa Gallery, San Francisco, CA from Oct 13 to Dec 15, 2019




BFA Graphic Design student work in our gallery


PERSPECTIVE—An exhibit about the BFA Graphic Design program at the San José State University.
Nov 18–22, 9 am–5 pm at the art building room 214.


Media Arts Festival
Stop Requested

Congratulations to director Jared Hebert and his crew of the short animated film "STOP REQUESTED" - they scored 3rd place in the Animation category of the Media Arts Festival!


CSU Media Arts Festival


Congratulations to the crew of the short animated film "KAERU" (directed by Denise Chan) winning the Best Animated Film Award at the 2019 CSU Media Arts Festival. Here is the trailer.


design X anything- in our gallery 

design X everything

Explore and get a glimpse into all that design has to offer. 

Nov 4–8, 9 am–5 pm at the art building room 214.


PATHS—An exhibition that focuses on the infinite possibilities in which graphic designers can take, in our gallery 

PATH exhibit

Paths is a visual approach to aesthetics, problem solving and careers. Come and experience our journey from start to finish.

Oct 28–Nov 1, 2019, 9 am–5 pm at the art building room 214.


DSIT 106 students 

Take a look of the collaboration between DsIT 106 students (led by professor Diana Seach) and Sunnyvale California Zen Center.

Professor Chang Kim and the IDEEC staff cordially invite you to the first annual International Design Education Expo & Conference!



This event will be held in San José, California at the Hammer Theatre. IDEEC (International Design Education Expo & Conference) is an innovative, dynamic, motivating event that is developed through global design institutions. This event consists of three parts: a conference, exhibition, and workshop. We have gathered the best designers in the education community and academia to speak on philosophy, professional practice, social responsibility, and relevant topics that will make a vital impact on the conversation about design and education. In addition to speakers and lecturers, hundreds of faculty and student groups from international universities are invited to display their design research and projects along with leading industry professionals.

The IDEEC inspires designers, educators, and students working in the field of visual communication and information design around the world by delivering relevant programming and benefits in a personal and thoughtful way. Through this event and networking, participants will experience professional and personal growth, and the sharing of the desire and responsibility to help shape aspiring minds in the future. San José State University is partnering with the Granshan Foundation (non-Latin typography research and practice organization) and AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) to host this exciting free conference to share the value and diversity of design education with invited international educational institutions and individuals interested in design and design education. Reserve your ticket today and join us for this exciting and revolutionary event!

Exhibition opening reception: August 16 at 8pm 

Get your tickets now!

Facebook page:

Professor Virginia San Fratello was honored at the second annual San Francisco Design Week Awards
SanFratello SF Design Week

 Design Awards Theme: Where Innovation Meets Social Responsibility.

Rael San Fratello was honored at the second annual San Francisco Design Week Awards, hosted by the non-profit organization on June 20th at Pier 27, San Francisco. The design studio received the Architecture Award for Technology which recognized the Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities and the whole project team for its ground-breaking design and commitment to thought leadership in meeting the needs of a positive future for society.

Senior Shows for our BFA & BS Studentsdesign senior show

BFA Animation/Illustration
May 17–June 9, Works/San José, 365 S. Market Street, San José 
4–7 PM, May 17, industry recruiters and professionals only
7–10 PM, May 17, for the public

BFA Graphic Design 
May 13–15, SJSU Student Union Ballroom A & B
6–9 PM, May 13, senior exhibition opening 
11:30 AM–5:35 PM, May 14, thesis public presentation at SJSU Student Union Ballroom C

BS Industrial Design
May 21–22, San José City Hall Rotunda 
5:30–9 PM, May 21, professionals only
5–8 PM, May 22, for the public

BFA Interior Design 
6–9 PM, May 21, San José Museum of Art 

SJSU Interior Design Students win big at the 2019 Northern California IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Honor Awards.
Cella Project
  • Mickey Wang and Sandy Chou won an Honor Award for their spa design.
  • Lorenzo Salazar won an Honor Award for his craft cocktail bar design.
  • Celia Hsieh won an Honor Award for her cafe concept shown above.

Interior Design professor Virginia San Fratello is featured in The NY Times—“The Lewis and Clark of the Digital Building Frontier”

These married architects are democratizing the 3-D printing process, using materials destined for the trash heap—like curry powder and coffee grounds—in place of draywall and foam.