About the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

ODEI LogoThe ODEI works to create a campus community that is free from discrimination and free from systemic and cultural barriers to academic and professional success for all of its students, faculty, staff and administrators. The ODEI envisions a campus where its members engage in robust intergroup dialogue, and collaboration across groups, divisions and silos.

The ODEI’s work is guided by knowledge and theoretical frameworks that set the foundation for 1) understanding differences, 2) acceptance of differences, 3) exploring different perspectives and 4) productive, healthy, and respectful relationships. The ODEI works to create an engaged campus climate and organizational culture that encourages a collective focus on providing an educational experience for our students that prepares them for an ever-changing diverse and global society.

The ODEI provides leadership, consultative support and collaborative connections for the development of cognitive/non-cognitive skills and knowledges that are cross-curricular, applied, transferable, intercultural, facilitative and alliance building — all necessary for diversity and innovation in competitive and resilient communities and economies.