Completion Policy

Early Start Completion Policy

Upon admission to SJSU, all first-year undergraduates are evaluated for their readiness for college-level work in mathematics and writing. This evaluation takes into account high school grade point average, completed coursework, and scores on several standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT, CAASPP/EAP, and advanced placement examinations. On the basis of this evaluation, some students will be required to participate in a summer activity called the Early Start Program.

Early Start allows students to build academic skills while completing a credit-bearing course in quantitative reasoning (Area B4) or written communication (Area A2). Admitted students will receive MySJSU messages from mid-April through early June informing them of their Early Start Program requirement. Students for whom the Early Start Program is recommended but not required—that is, students who are in Enrollment Category M-III or W-III and not in M-IV or W-IV—are not subject to the consequences described below.

Incoming students who have an Early Start requirement must enroll in an approved summer course at San Jose State, or another CSU, the summer before they matriculate to SJSU. Students who do not enroll in a required Early Start course, as well as those who enroll but receive a grade of NC, F, W, WU, or I (indicating that they have not completed the requirement), will be placed on Administrative Academic Probation (AAP) for the fall semester of their freshman year. Such students must complete their fall general education courses with a "D-" or better in the subject for which they had an Early Start Program requirement.1 Upon passing this course, students will be removed from Early Start AAP and may enroll in spring coursework.2

Students on Early Start AAP who earn an F, W, or WU in any of these courses will be disenrolled from SJSU before the spring semester through Administrative Academic Disqualification. Disqualified students wishing to return to the university must reapply as upper division transfer students in their junior year.

Those wishing to appeal this decision must file the Early Start Non-Completion Petition by the second Friday of September. All appeals will be decided by the third Friday of September, and notifications will go out to affected students shortly afterwards. (Exact dates will vary from year to year. Refer to the Early Start Non-Completion notification in your MySJSU Message Center for this year’s dates.) Students who do not file an appeal will be placed on Early Start AAP as described above.


1Students who enroll in a stretch GE course (for example, ENGL 1AF/1AS or UNVS 15F/15S) must pass the fall semester with a D- or better or a CR. Students who are placed on AAP as a result of earning a grade of I (Incomplete) in their Early Start Program course may satisfy their probationary status by clearing their Incomplete before the start of the spring semester.

2Only GE courses are taken into account here. Corequisite support courses, whether baccalaureate or prebaccalaureate, do not count either for or against the passing grade requirement.