Exception to the Early Start Requirement Petition

Students with a serious and compelling reason for not participating in the Early Start Program may petition for an exception to the requirement using the link above. Exceptions will be granted only for cases in which it can be demonstrated that program participation would cause extreme hardship. Documentation will be required. Please note that summer vacation plans will NOT be considered adequate grounds for an exception. All petitions for an exception to the Early Start Program requirement must be filed by the third Friday in June. (Refer to the Early Start notification in your MySJSU Message Center for the exact date.)

Early Start Noncompletion Petition

Students who have been notified that SJSU has not yet received proof of Early Start participation must file the petition linked above by the second Friday of September. (Refer to the Early Start Noncompletion notification in your MySJSU Message Center for the exact due date.) Those who do not file a petition will be placed on Administrative Academic Probation (AAP) for noncompliance as outlined in the Completion Policy section of this website.

Early Start Late Drop Request

Early Start Disqualification Petition