Ken Anderson

Instructional Designer

Ken Anderson

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Campus Office: IRC 207
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0135


Ken Anderson joined SJSU eCampus in 2022.  He recently served as an Assistant Professor of English at South Louisiana Community College and the Lead Instructional Designer developing and designing courses for the English and Distance Education Departments. Ken has experience with Instructional Design, LMS consulting, course development, and adult learning modalities for various institutions and has taught and designed college level courses since 2013.

Ken’s educational background includes an M.A. in English from Portland State University, and most recently, attending Western Governors University for his M.Ed in Instructional Design. Ken is married, and he and his wife have two dogs and two cats (all rescue animals), and says he is a student at heart and has a passion for learning. He believes that the college classroom is unique from any other place - it is a place that is free from the world of impossibilities and the naysayers, and encourages students, regardless of their background and past experiences to believe in themselves and a future filled with endless possibilities.